“Keep running and stay on track”

I was supposed to study so so so much this weekend… ok I studied (A LITTLE) but not as much as I had planned to do so every day 😦

There are too many impromptu plans going on in my family LOL but thank god I finished my assignments…?

I attended Jingfen Jiejie’s solemnization today!

Missed swimming lesson this morning for it- of course nothing can be more important than this event haha. It was really a small-scale event, only inviting close friends and relatives.

In this picture, I am plastered nicely in between two happy couples, whom I grew up alongside. I have vague memories of them playing with me or anything when I was really young, for they saw me through my childhood. In the little memories that I have, I do recall Jingfen Jie / Tingxi Kor mugging, yet I was annoying them to switch on the computer for me. I was a pretty problematic child… I must say.

Although we are not blood-related, I feel so happy to see them entering another stage of their lives. It’s akin to seeing my siblings get married 🙂 Uncle and Auntie are approaching the retirement age steadily, and once again it scares me because it does remind me that I’m quickly stepping into adulthood. Uncle told me that he’d sponsor the buffet for my 21st birthday. How long ago will that be… or rather, will it arrive too quickly?

Wedding dinner in November, it doesn’t seem too far away but then again I recall that I’d be done with PW, HCL re-exam by then. 🙂 Looking forward to it then!

Went home to rest and got bugged awake by my siblings asking me whether I would like some Dim Sum tonight.. how could you say no to good food?

And so I stepped out of house in the same attire HAHAHA.

dimsum w siblings july 28 '13 - Copy
Dim Sum + dessert all the way at Bugis. I sure know how to enjoy life HAHAHA.

I am so thankful for the Monday 9am start of school because it does chase away Monday blues really well! I can return home at 11pm gleefully knowing that I’d still get sufficient sleep even if I don’t turn in as early as usual weekdays (Tue-Fri), because I only have to wake up at 7.50am 🙂 Talk about happiness on a Sunday night!

Once in a while I read Daniel Wong’s book “How To Be A Happy Student” to keep myself motivated… (i.e. just now) sounds ludicrous but yes I pick it up every now and then to reflect upon whether my life has been really fulfilling.

I wouldn’t say that everything I’m doing now is leading up to / what I really want, but I guess most of them are in line with my life purposes and goals. At least I’m doing most of the things I care for and strongly desire.

I must say the book has been a well-spent $11 🙂


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