Happily busy

I believe I once mentioned that August was my favourite month- it’s often the busiest month of the year and well, when you’re busy time just passes by.

In other words it’ll be September soon.

I haven’t blogged for a long while- because the past week has been really really long. I signed up for both ICAS and AMC (someone please tell me why I tried to be a genius and wasted my money on AMC LOL), stayed back till late almost every single day, constantly catching up on tutorials…

Oh but I attended That Girl in Pinafore’s gala premiere HAHA. Omg it was such a high-class event… there was free food (unfortunately I had dinner at home) and… the celebrities were all socialising. It truly felt like a social event- the only difference was that I was wearing trash. Took photos with Joshua Tan and SL Jin hehehe I feel so happy thinking about it.

There were a hell lot of freebies- Lollipops, Shokubutsu products (shampoo, facial foam, facial spray, body soap, toothbrush, EVERYTHING LOL).

Woooooooo photo with Joshua Tan teehee.

I still can’t believe Changze’s father is one of the producers, or rather, I can’t believe his father’s name was rolling through the credits. He had 2 extra tickets! Unfortunately I only found out on the day itself booooo could have asked the whole world to come. Ooh and I was sitting in a VIP row (between Jack Neo/Ah Boys to Men cast and the movie’s cast). Crazily privileged LOL.

And then there’s Operation Smile concert on Friday with some of da 4G girls hehe 🙂

Waiting for more photos from Photography Club hehe- but it was really good!!! Psy‘s performance really cracked me up HAHAHA I died laughing omg.

NDP Preview yesterday was one of the most boring shows as a volunteer because security was really tight and I couldn’t really roam around- it was fun catching up with Gong and Chua though hehehe we just talked endlessly about all these months without each other. Ok sounds disgustingly cheesy but things can get really really different in a different school environment I guess. In a way, I guess I’m still in my comfort zone.

Red 3 photo hehehe the volunteers that have been with me since volunteer training started 😉

And sector photo- where I am found with Gong, the woman I’ve been running to whenever I get the chance because I’m bored at my position HAHA.

I’ll miss these Saturdays after they’re over, because after National Day, Saturdays are gonna be fully dedicated to books and mugging 😦

Going out shopping tonight.

Okay I have to admit all these posts make me seem like a YOLO kid who doesn’t even give a tiny shit about her studies oops- but I can say with conviction that that’s far from the truth because every bit of free time I have are dedicated to my tutorials/revision packages LOL. I don’t know if I’ll do well for Promos or not, but I’m really really motivated after talking to Lincoln yesterday (Red 3 groupmate!) My groupmates will never see this post because I don’t think they’d stalk me as much as I stalk them (HAHA KIDDING), but he’s pursuing his studies in ICL in about 2 months time and he told me many things that were really true, at least crazily applicable to the situation I am in now.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I am slowly transforming into a chao mugger- and that’s simply because I don’t want to leave any regrets.


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