1. The time now is 11.55pm on August 9 2013. Happy birthday to the nation- and the retard.

2. I’m going to fail the recent Chemistry practical omg what a disgrace it’s supposed to help our marks… Ping try to act smart and cut your own titre values by half ya?

3. Every NDP show I’m inspired by someone who has done very well in As… The last week, and the actual day itself (today!) Thank you Lincoln and Wilgene (not that you will ever see this) for encouraging me in my studies, for actually comforting me and letting me know that my grades are not THAT bad after all. And for once again motivating me to mug so damn hard for Promos because I have to keep my 4H2s by hook or by crook.

Thank you so much.

4. I love my NDP deployment today. It was by far the best show for me, allowing me to watch the parade march in and out, talking and having fun with NCC people hehe. Talk about freedom :’)

5. I learnt that Scotland is in UK today. So Ping, I wonder why you take H2 Geography.

6. I am shamelessly admitting that I want to march in NDP one day hehe. Unfortunately I’ll probably be kicked out again (erhm 2011) because I can’t hit the height requirements boo.

7. The journey has ended, the long Saturdays and the talking cock with Gong for a few hours has ended, and my time with Red 3 has ended. I thank my group mates and sector mates for having given me such a warm welcome when I appeared as a stranger during the 2nd training (missed the 1st) and for helping me in many ways, such as keeping food for me hehee.

8. I’ve finished my book- Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea. It’s a damn good read, couldn’t even get myself to mug the whole time I was on the book. Non-fiction is quite amazing and it really moved me. I truly hope that I’d be able to help the unfortunate one day. Lately I realised that giving makes me feel really happy. I am a true Santa Claus now, no wonder I’m born on Christmas.

9. I was bored at 8pm a few days ago so I brought my book to Clementi Mall Starbucks and sat there reading for three hours. Talk about life.

10. I think I look friendly. Do I? 😀 Through the course of the week I’ve had three tourists asking me directions to places (one of which was Hotel 81 at Geylang, but that’s not the point) Maybe I just have the words “tour guide” slapped across my face.

11. I watched The Conjuring, but truth be told I prefer Sinister hehe. The plot is more mindblowing.

12. I’ve got a Geography essay due tomorrow, and a GP summary due on Sunday. Screw technology because teachers are now able to make us submit our homework through e-mail :((((

13. Recently I (FINALLY) found out that I’m actually the 4th child in my family. The 3rd was never born though. It wasn’t a miscarriage. Go figure 🙂

14. I just felt like blogging about many things but couldn’t put them into place properly, hence this disjointed post. Like what the bigshots said before releasing us,

“Have a great weekend!”

12.21am, good night.


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