Terrible habits

I just woke up from a nap about 2 hours ago but I’m sleepy again 😦 I wanted to do Math tonight but I went on every possible website there is (everything becomes 1000x more interesting when you need to study) and effectively wasted 2 hours. Seriously….. 😦

For example:

but I swear I really need to curb this terrible habit of peeling my nails HAHAHA everyone thinks I’m some psycho/pervert cause I can’t stop picking at my nails. Somehow I just like the pain from peeling my nail/skin off…?? I always enjoy having ingrown toenails and I’ll fix them by myself by digging all the way into the nail with all the puss and blood involved…. ok maybe I should stop. No I’m not sick I haven’t peeled my toenails for a long time already I don’t have time HAHAHA.

Ok maybe I shall slack a while more and then (eventually) get down to work… what a terrible Friday. By the time I get used to JC life I think A Levels would be imminent, or over by then HAHA.


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