Burdened by books

1. Gracie’s concert on Aug 30

A picture with my sexy 4G girls and the sexy performer that day woohoo. I would say I felt a little… upset for the performers? There were so many people who promised to come and backed out at the very end- making the venue look rather empty :\ It was a really bad day anyway, had a horrible tummy ache on my way there. It was so bad that I squatted down in the train HAHAHA with everyone looking. And I was squeezing my mouth shut wherever I went, was afraid that I’d just merlion my lunch out oops.

2. Night Festival afterwards

I look like a celebrity, don’t I? HAHAHA ok please celebrities aren’t as round as me. This year’s Night Festival was more interesting than the last, or at least that’s how I felt.

3. Teachers’ Day

I wanted to visit Clementi Primary, but everyone else in RV were saying stuff like “Aiyah everyone sure go back to their secondary school one lah”. The rest of the RV CPS kiddos wanted to mug, so we gave it a miss this year. We’d probably give it a miss next year as well, sigh that’s one of the “perks of being in an IP school”. I don’t have a secondary school to return to LOL.

Cards that I made for teachers teaching me this year woohoo. I guess it was time I show my appreciation for bugging them tutorials after tutorials and asking endless (pointless?) questions in class. So proud of myself leh but I sacrificed one whole night for it HAHAHA COULD HAVE DONE A PAPER OR SOMETHING.

ANYWAY THE RESPONSE INSIDE IS NOT STANDARDIZED OK IT IS COMPLETELY PERSONALISED HAHA. And I know the card design is childish please I had no money so I dug up my siblings’ stickers from the past… the white papers are recycled paper from my rejected GPP and the coloured papers are leftover from my brother. TALK ABOUT BUDGET HAHAHA OMG It still looks nice (to me) okay!!! If you consider me as a primary school kid it’ll be a really nice card… right? I am so poor nowadays SOB WHY.

Cupcakes that Beatrice baked for our FTs!!! Hahaha I look forward to every month because there are always baking treats hehehe.

4. Books

GOODBYE I HAVE SLACKED YESTERDAY AND TODAY AWAY, feeling so guilty but I’ve paid off my sleep debt I guess! I had about 3 hours of nap on both days HAHA. GP was really really bad, I haven’t felt so bad for GP in a while because I know I suck at it anyway, but thinking back on my essay…

Man I was really out of point. Sigh. I thought an E for GP was bad enough, it’s gonna get worse.

SCREWED UP MY FIRST PAPER, better do well for the next 4 ugh. I guess I’m not gonna be blogging frequently until Promos are over! BYE 🙂


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