Spiritually rich, materially poor

It’s 1.21am and I’m feeling like an ultimate retard-

These are the only things I’ve done since 6.30pm (after I came home cold and hungry from Starbucks):

1. Stalked rvzoo(1-21) on Instagram, having laughing fits and sharing gazillions of screenshots on our class WhatsApp group
2. Ate dinner (spaghetti with lots of seafood and omg my stomach growls again)
3. Read The Time Traveler’s Wife

And aha I’m done with the book after ~4 hours wts. I am the biggest retard in the entire world. I deactivated my largest distraction- Twitter and I end up finding new distractions for myself…

But it’s okay. Reading books make me feel a lot richer, as opposed to refreshing my feed every minute. Hehe. I have no more uncompleted books anymore, I hope I won’t end up starting on another one, or another drama/movie. It’s 7 days to the start of Promos.

I’m pretty afraid actually. Or rather, really really afraid. You have got to be, especially when it’s a week to the exams and you’re still getting more than half of Chemistry MCQ questions wrong, or getting stuck on a simple question in a case study such as “Account for the trend of _____”.

Or worse, I still have no clue how caves form.


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