Last late night

Blogging because I’m so burnt out from Chemistry, or rather studying. I honestly think I will fail Chem this time round haha. I have never felt so unprepared for the Chemistry paper, because most topics this year were built on foundations from Year 3 and 4, which I think I’m not that bad in hehehe BUT THIS TIME OMG ORGANIC CHEMISTRY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME???

But something keeps me going: it’s 12 more hours to the end HAHAHA. TO THE END OF STUDYING SO DAMN HARD THE PAST TWO MONTHS.

I didn’t even mug so hard for PSLE HAHAHA (well, that was my last national exam LOL). Felt that I could do better for Math and Geog given how much I studied, but it’s okay….. at least I feel that I can pass HAHA. May the results not slap me in the face when they return though.

Eagerly anticipating the end- but I guess it’ll be a long night ahead 😐 The last long night though hehe. LET’S GO I CAN DO THIS :’)


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