Hey you pretty

Retard mode: 100/100

If I were shy: “Omg no lah please don’t call me that again :(”
If I were ego: “Yes pls you jelly? I also wonder how I ended up so chio… I mean it’s quite impossible to be someone this pretty right?”
If I were humble: “Oh my goodness, you flatter me, I’m not as beautiful as you think. There are 6.9 billion people in this world and 6899999999 of them are definitely prettier than me.”

Ok shit that goes through my head while bathing HAHAHA. It’s been almost a week since Promos are over!!! It’s the best freedom I’ve ever tasted (umm.. sorta). Just what I’ve done this (really) long weekend? Nothing. No guilt at all. And that’s amazing. I’ve been doing nothing except chasing dramas and movies every night, lazing around as if my holidays have really started.

I’ve also started working, as a hotel banquet server together with Gracie hehe. I won’t say it is very enjoyable (mugging at Starbucks for 6 hours > walking around with a tray for 6 hours) but I guess it’s a good working experience for me. Experience evidently doesn’t bring with it competence- in just one day of work I’ve had my fair share of colleagues who are so freaking lazy and jump at every opportunity to skive. It made me a stronger supporter of feminism as well UH OH DID I JUST ACCIDENTALLY REVEAL WHAT WAS THE DAMNED GENDER OF MY COLLEAGUES? What the flying heck, you’re around my age too, and you obviously do not call the shots. Got really motivated and I swore to Gracie that I’d work really really hard so that I’d become the boss of his boss. And Gracie said “Huh, me even higher please” HAHAHA. I’d trample over you with my big fat thighs 🙂

Took a selfie which looks really nice (eh really HAHAHA) but I’m not shameless enough to put it up… but I think I look quite cute leh HAHAHA.

Will be working a few days a week when I feel like it… here’s a toast to my additional source of income to supplement my extravagant lifestyle lately hehe.

Events in my beautiful life recently:

Late MAF with Delta ’13
P1110525 - Copy
Unfortunately there were not many people who turned up because of ongoing examinations/damn suay- but I really wanted to see the lights at Gardens By The Bay cause I’m a sucker for night lights HAHA.

Buffet Town with Chua
I have one conclusion: I guess I’ll stick to Japanese buffets all my life. HAHA.

Szemin’s birthday surprise
I bought the cake!!! The Doraemon cake HAHAHA

This Sze Min is a terrible girl man, we entered the room and started singing her birthday song and she replied “But it’s not my birthday today!” LOL HAHAHA. So cute seriously 😀

Tomorrow I’ll have work, and Saturday I’m meeting the love of my life HAHAA RAYMOND LAM FUNG I AM COMING FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AFTER WHAT 2 YEARS?!?!?! Oh my god HAHAHA feeling the similar anticipation I had before SWC II SG, the feeling of meeting your beloved idol for the first time omg ;’) Wanted to catch them at the airport, but… so difficult to get hold of their flight details unless I’m a fan club member- which I can’t be bothered with because of 1. The commitment (uh oh I can’t commit to a idol-fan relationship either HAHAHA) and 2. Bad experiences I had as a Wonderful 😦

That’s beside the point anyway. I’M MEETING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE GUYS PLEASE BE EXCITED FOR ME HAHAHAHA EVEN THOUGH HE IS DOUBLE MY AGE (I’m 17 and sadly my husband is 34)



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