Angsty and sad

So pissed at certain things in life- typed a 1000 word post with lots of vulgarities and angst about ridiculous systems (ahem) which I decided against putting up in the end.

I just hate how you can be put down so easily just as long as they find any flaw with you. It’s like being a celebrity- as long as the media exposes any of your scandals (Edison Chen) or wrongs you committed in the PAST (Ris Low), you’re going down. The only difference here is, you’re not being paid to upkeep your image. And what shit about image is this.

Pisses me so bad. Freak. Nevermind, I think I shall extend that word post to 2000 words instead.

I’m also very upset because of drama…….. in dramas.

Who the hell loses their memory with zero recollection of the things they did in the past/relationships they had in the past/who their fiancee is…
Then has a new relationship with a new girl… (and break new hearts)
Then gets whacked by a bat, gains back his memory and forgets whatever happened between the time he lost his memory and the time he gained it back???

But dramas being dramas I still cry anyway despite its incredulity. LOL. Finished 原来是美男 (Taiwan ver), now watching ^ drama. Hehe. Can I consider this part of a revision for Chinese?? HAHAHA.

Everyday after Promos is a good day, even if there are tutorials/PW nonsense to do 🙂 I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel after A Levels are over!!!


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