I have never done fund-raising before, not even anything close like flag day. I always thought that those VIA opportunities were really pointless and they were just easy pathways to VIA hours.

So definitely, it’s the first time I am really reaching out to everyone to raise funds for the Cambodia trip I’d be going on at the end of the year- and the responses to my pleas have been making me so touched šŸ™‚

“I mail $10 first to you want? Pay first shirt later la :)”
“How can I pass the money to you?” (DIDN’T EVEN ASK ABOUT THE SHIRT)
“I’ll buy 5 shirts, the other 4 you can either give to the kiddos, or treat it as 1 shirt for $50” (omg)
“It’s for fundraising right? Then can I get 3 shirts?”
“I don’t mind donating more if you tell me where my money is going!”
“Ok I helped you get some orders too”

I’m so happy tonight (sounds like a woman in love oops), I’ve never felt so at peace with the world before, feeling that the world is full of great things that have yet to happen hehe.

Thank you everyone for the help, I really really appreciate it. All of us do, in fact. Thank you for the heart, for the passion in serving the less fortunate. šŸ™‚


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