I like to engage in unnecessary discussions/reflections in my head, especially when I’m dealing with bores such as PW and… Chinese (actually Chinese ain’t that much of a bore if you’re retaking it voluntarily, there seems to be quite a bit of drive in me to do better this time).

What makes a person smart?

There are several ways to look at the word smart. Street smart, study smart (something I wish I could do easily), or just… damn smart. When the word “smart” appears, the same few names occur to me… what did their parents feed them when they were young why are their brains so well-developed did they attend brain tuition when they were young were they breastfed did I forget to eat fish or peanuts??????

Sometimes I choose to attribute it to my lack of brain tuition maybe??? But thank god my parents didn’t put me through such torture at such a young age. I think having enrichment classes since young (Chinese at 5 what the heck) is already enough thank you very much LOL.

Over the course of my secondary school years I think it was always really easy to agree with Thomas Edison (something I need to memorise for Chinese 例子s) “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

Everything just materialises with hard work when you’re younger, you could easily spot the same questions appearing over and over again. It was difficult as you were going through it, but now that I look back, would I be those geniuses if I actually put in more hard work…? Like what I do now…?

Everyone has been mugging so damn hard this entire year, with the exception of the smart few of course. I mean, they don’t even need to mug much to attain satisfactory results as compared to the slower rest. But it’s the smart few doing well. Those who are already naturally smart (who are going to grow up defying Scientific theories) and those who can study smart. Just to clarify, I haven’t done badly for the year (to me at least, not to my Mum who was utterly shocked that As no longer appear on Ng Hui Ping’s report card), but I’d just like to express my dissent on how people can effortlessly do well while I have to painfully toil for two months or more for FOUR SUBJECTS, and yet unable to achieve equally stellar results.

Let’s not forget how Chemistry was the only subject I arranged weekly consultations for- and got the shock of my life when I opened the paper. To put it simply I was writing nonsense page after page. Who the hell writes “settle on the bed of the ocean as sedimentary rocks” in a bloody Chemistry paper??? Till now I can’t be sure if I was trolling the paper, or I had no idea what else I could write.

Ok end of ranting time to suck it up and be an average student!!! I am nowhere near ready for Year 6, I don’t think I could undertake another year of stress… with effort coming to naught again and again 😦 I have given up on my wildest dreams of obtaining straight As, this damned coveted achievement. I just hope I’d be able to enroll in a university course I like next time, not pleading every 11:11 to gain acceptance into a university.


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