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Mid-November summary

Because of Instagram lately I have come up with yet another excuse for slow blog posts oops.

Vegan Burger at The Grandstand with my siblings hehehe I never knew of the existence of this place omg. It was quite good but very pricey for a fast-food meal, and I thought it was really cool that the restaurant encouraged clearing up of trays! Just that my excellent brother tossed everything into the bin, including the mess tin HAHAHA omg we left the fast-food joint nearly laughing all our food out.

I think Bukit Timah does have a lot of hideouts LOL that’s when a car totally comes in handy. But I still worry that I won’t be able to afford a car in the future hahaha.

5S class picnic! It was rather funny because the people who attended the UK trip briefing went to the outing in school-based attire, and everyone else was decked in dresses and super sexy and swag HAHAHA embarrassment dao siao. And we were fooling around in the Vivo SkyPark, lying down on the floor to look at an entire sky of NOTHING because there were no stars at all… LOL. I guess this can be considered the first OFFICIAL class outing, after PW hehe. I must say PW has brought our class closer quite a bit, since it was probably the first time we got out of all our existing cliques to mingle with everyone else. Thank god for PW actually HAHA.

Photo credits to Annie!

Sundown Festival 2013 with Jiawen! Thanks for the free ticket HAHAHA anyway it sucked compared to 2009, probably because I’m out of the KPop fandom and there weren’t as many cool groups as the past (Brown Eyed Girls / FT Island etc) everyone was jumping squeezing and so happy then, but this time the artistes were so unknown to me :/ Stayed until Bosco Wong and left- didn’t even stay for the KPop group LOL.

I’m going out twice later, one to meet Yang Xi, two to a steamboat buffet with 4G girls! I can’t wait because it’s been a long time since I met up with all these coolgals1996… and I can’t wait to fly off on Friday too 🙂 So sick of work omg hahahaha I’d rather study anytime 😦 I wonder how my parents went through nearly three decades of working, how am I ever going to get used to that?! Monday blues should never apply to school man, school is so much fun in comparison. Maybe I won’t think that way starting next year though, it’s gonna be a really hectic year.

I’M NOT READY SO HOLIDAYS, please crawl as slow as a snail / turtle (LUXURY OF CHOICE PLEASE).


I owe them way too much

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday when he sorta mentioned that “I’m the worst son my parents can have”,

and then it got me thinking… I suck as a daughter very much, too.

I was packing my things for Friday earlier this morning and my Mom couldn’t stop nagging (in Chinese)… “Eh too thin liao la” / “Eh your socks cannot keep warm one la” / “Eh your toothpaste not enough” / “Eh buy more jeans la” / But ok la it was quite amusing cause I was packing rather happily so I kept replying with something stupid like “Aiya then don’t brush teeth lor” / “Aiya wear thin more sexy mah maybe can seduce ang moh bring home meet you”.

But most of the time her neverending “Eh your homework haven’t do right” / “Eh why your grades so 差劲” / “Eh why you so 粗心 again” pisses me off so damn bad and I am like @#$#%$& YOU DO YOURSELF LA YOU THINK VERY EASY MEH.

After which I’d feel really bad cause I raged at them when I’m staying in their house / taking their car / eating their food BUT I’ll never apologise because I can’t imagine saying “Sorry Mummy” or “Sorry Papa”. In fact if I say that I think my Mum will go buy 4D immediately cause she likes to do that when a miracle happens (like when I return home from school before 3pm).

But I’m aware that they’re genuinely concerned for me! It just slips my mind whenever I’m angry 😦 Whenever I come across people who have a lot of enrichment lessons, I’ll ask them whether they have ever calculated how expensive they are as a child.

I tried… I once tried. Let’s estimate

Given that I just started piano lessons in May, they have spent about $1500 on my keyboard + lessons + books so far.
They have spent nearly $3500 on my UK trip,
$3000 on my Australia trip,
$1500 for my New Zealand + Kuantan trip,
$3000 on my phones + phone bills for the past 5 years,
$10000 for my allowance the past 5 years…
$2000 for my swimming lessons,
$3000 for my laptop + computer + Nintendo DS (yes in P6) + camera + iPod Touch + so on
About $1000 for school materials like GC/Organiser/Lots of nonsense that the school wants us to buy.

HAHAHA ok now that I have covered most of the frivolous (not necessities) large expenses I realised that it’s still cheaper than a typical wedding dinner LOL. Okay I’m a terrible waste of money, but not TOO bad okay!!

Okay I have yet to cover the expenses of my shopping and nonsense like concerts, but they’re mostly off my allowance cause I save up pretty well… Just thankful that I’m doing OKAY without tuition, someone once told me that you cannot survive JC without tuition. But JC tuition is so crazily expensive I can’t bring myself to ask for it, even when I was doing rather badly in Term 2.

I always rage at my parents cause they scold and insult me (eg. why so lousy your Papa last time last time last time 想当年 想当年 想当年) for not getting As but everyone let’s admit that it is highly unrealistic in JC okay! But hi Mama Papa your expensive daughter will always love you guys for being weird and eccentric 🙂 I owe you too much not just financially and I worry that I’ll never be able to repay you in the future, but I promise that I won’t run away from home and my family teeheehee



I call people blonde all the time I think I’m a major one too.

I am super absent-minded omg. I kinda realised this slightly late, because I’m walking to piano lesson WITHOUT MY PIANO BOOKS.

I also entered an O Level examination without a pencil case.
I once went to the swimming complex without my swimsuit / many times without my goggles.
I brought my bulky camera without inserting the SD card not once but TWICE.
I entered two exams this year forgetting to bring my identification card.
I always go for NCC acts forgetting to bring my beret.
I went for IMT without donning my cadet officer rank (omg confession much, but no one realised cause I hugged my notes tightly the entire day).
I wanted to deposit money yesterday, when I reached the cash deposit machine I realised that I didn’t bring my NETS card.

But I’ll always remember to bring the irrelevant stuff such as earpiece / spectacle case / comb / PEN.

Please omg Hui Ping please stop being so stupid for once can you??? You waste so much time running home and back / and waste your maid’s time too!!!

Life after PW

So PW ended on November 6 when I handed in my GPF together with the end of HCL…

hehehehe (with the retard me in uniform cause I had an exam that morning).

So what has gone on since then!

1. Running

These pictures are taken on three entirely different occasions, even though I am wearing the same shirt. THAT’S CAUSE I ONLY HAVE THAT ONE SHIRT HAHA I am poor please donate money. Okay not really la, I found out it’s really comfortable to go running in singlets (hehehe you don’t say). I wonder how I ever survived my past runs in oversized school-based t-shirts when I’m living in an oven all year round.

Anyway regular runs are so that I can train up for NAPFA next year (it’s my last year please let me get a Gold for the last time) and also lose some weight for UK! But it’s not helping because everytime I start exercising, my appetite increases again. 😦 I hope I won’t be miserably squeezing into my jeans in UK wondering why on earth I didn’t lose weight over here.

2. Eating

Further adds on to the fact that I won’t be able to lose weight before UK 😦 I’ve been eating very well, but I’m running out of money LOL. WHEN IS MY PAY COMING IN SOB.

3. Reading

I think I’m a true nerd HAHAHA OK at least I’m finishing PS I Love You soon!!! Books are always more awesome than the movie itself, the movie missed out many details that are clearly written in the book 🙂 Thankful that I chanced upon it at Clementi library, such books are usually on loan hehehe!

4. Dramas

Finished 爱情睡醒了, fell in love with Roy Qiu cause he is so.damn.handsome, now moving on to 胜女的代价 hehehe loving China dramas cause we get 1080p quality on YouTube omg!!!

OK abrupt ending because I’m going to watch 2 more episodes before heading out again to continue my shirt business hehehe bye!!!

Intrinsic Satisfaction

I don’t like a lot of things at face value.

I don’t like running. I don’t enjoy running endlessly until my legs are about to give way / panting like an exhausted horse / perspiration tricking down my nose / thighs jiggling along with the music.

But I like how I feel after that. The feeling of stronger legs / being psychologically skinnier / HUNGER / being able to nap for three hours / feeling healthier.

I don’t like studying. I don’t enjoy crawling out of bed to drag myself to a study table with notes and revision papers / to go to Starbucks and read notes instead of chilling / to pull my eyes open and splash my face with water / to miss exciting activities just to ensure I don’t lag behind the class.

But I like the rewards of it. I enjoy having excellent results / to finally IMPROVE with hard work / to see my percentiles increasing / to be so pleased with myself that I feel as if I deserve an entire term’s break.

I don’t like working. I don’t enjoy holding a tray with four drinks on it, walking around asking people if they want a drink / having to run to the kitchen to and fro to satisfy customers / having to tolerate strange colleagues just to ensure pleasant working relations.

But I’m doing all of it only for one reason. Obviously money. To feed my whims and desires 😦

I have already grown to accept the fact that everything I do won’t be what I truly love, but as far as I can help it, I’ll always try my best to do what I like. Or that it’ll eventually end up a good outcome.

Does that explain?

What smells like freedom for the next 2 months

Yeeeeeeeheeeeeeee HCL is over!!!

Wow let’s recall something interesting from the morning. I brought my thick fat book dictionary, my electronic dictionary, and even two spare batteries in case the e-dictionary ran out of battery! AM I SINGAPOREAN ENOUGH?

So… at around 7.55am, everyone was already seated and I was looking around in glee because OH HO LOOK WHO’S THE MOST PREPARED WITH THE MOST DICTIONARIES. Then I realised everyone had something that I don’t have:


OMG HAHAHA I suddenly remembered that I DID NOT BRING A SINGLE PEN OR ANYTHING to school this morning so I hurriedly begged Loo JJ (who was in front of me) to lend me two of his pens HAHA. THANKS LOO OMG YOU ARE MY SAVIOR. I almost freaked out writing 公函 because midway I realised that I don’t actually have a ruler… but I realised our ez-link cards are pretty straight too HEHEHE THANK GOD OMG. The incredulity of this actually made my anxiety slip away slowly, midway through the paper I kinda giggled to myself thinking about how epic I am… entering an examination hall without bringing my pencil case. Wow. And earlier that morning I was still showing off to everyone that EH I BRING SO MANY DICTIONARY LEH KIASU ANOT.

I thought the paper this year was much more manageable than last year’s, I remember freaking out at the 综合填空 last year because NO ONE READS UP ABOUT FLOWERS and the whole passage was about a forest/tree/flower and O M G what on Earth??? But I wouldn’t like to pass my judgment too early. More often than not, whenever I think that language (inclusive of GP) papers are manageable, the results turn out to be really disastrous when they return 😦

I sincerely hope I’ll do better than last year. Please don’t let me get B4 or worse or that will be a waste of my parents’ hard-earned $50 😦

Just came back from a night run to receive news of a tragedy. Hope Ms Lim’s fine, RVians please help by sharing the post omg, it’s the peak period for PW it is IMPOSSIBLE that no one witnessed the accident!!! There will definitely be RVians around!!! Please do help by at least sharing the post around. It’s my 2013/2014 Chem teacher we are talking about here 😦