(Maybe) the first two grades of A Levels

That being said because I’m retaking HCL of course and I wouldn’t be able to help it IF I get a grade worse than B4 this time round……… I’M NOT HOPING FOR THAT, OF COURSE. I haven’t had Chinese the entire year but I’ve been hardworking enough to crash lectures and do Chinese papers from last year so…….. BLESS ME WITH LOTS OF LUCK AND LOVE.

Hehehehe I am shit nervous for OP tomorrow I am totally NOT prepared for Q&A and at this point in time I’m still tripping over my words “through their” “identity” I even have problems with the word “registration” o m g o d.

But I’m extremely thankful to have had such a rewarding PW journey! I remember how my classmates told me that among the “Ratings of Happiness” they concluded that our group has the most pleasant working relationships among the 5 in our class… THANKS GUYS HAHAHA.

Wow how should I start! Our class was one of the last classes to receive our group allocations cause the system is always extremely efficient. I can’t deny I was really upset with the group allocation, I shuddered to think how much I’d die because I didn’t know Jacqueline / Beatrice / Hanlin at all omg. The only person I knew was Weixuan but I have NEVER worked with her in an academic project before (my dear House Captain only HAHA). 5S has like two, or three major cliques based on our different subject combinations, and I just felt so alone cause I felt like I was being a single member in the group omg. My friends are everywhere else! So terrible that the teachers know you well, they WILL split up your entire group of friends omg.

Our first group “meeting” was so damn AWKWARD HAHAHA we were like “Umm what topic did you do?” “Choice of Online Dating” “Oh not bad quite cool” “You?” “Er choice of FGM” “Wah quite interesting leh!”

How stupid HAHAHA now our conversations are “Woah Hanlin 为什么你趁机摸我” “Beatrice you are hopeless” “Jac I’m going to leave you 40 missed calls” “Weixuan why you reach so early excited to see me?”

I thought our group had really great splitting of tasks- most things were done really quickly because there was no major tanker in our group. OP Scripts / Slides / WR / Video Editing / Q&A were entirely done by different people and shared among all of us too. Even if any of us were to tank something, I guess we’d do it quite willingly! Not much unhappiness among us, or at least I hope so hehehe. I especially love our group dynamics and how we can insult one another ever so endlessly, I always think hurling insults at one another is a really really good way to improve friendships hehe.

I won’t deny that I’ll be extremely upset if I do not get my desired grade (A la of course). But before that arrives, thanks for such an enjoyable year 🙂 Have thoroughly enjoyed PW!

I will actually be quite upset because there’s no excuse to go out after PW anymore!!! No more last minute lunches and ice-cream and lots of nonsense anymore 😦

BY THE WAY I HAVE THE COOLEST PRC IN MY GROUP HEHEHEHE ok must let Hanlin know that I posted this so he stops insulting me!!!!!

OK BACK TO squeezing that little bit of Q&A stuff in my head, I hope I won’t tremble tomorrow, won’t stumble on my words tomorrow, WON’T FORGET MY ANY PART OF MY SCRIPT TOMORROW. I pray that tomorrow will go well omg.

Ah thinking about it makes me have butterflies in my stomach!!!!

THEN THERE’S CHINESE ON 6 NOVEMBER!!! Wah I hope I don’t fail or something it’s gonna be such a disgrace if I do so.


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