What smells like freedom for the next 2 months

Yeeeeeeeheeeeeeee HCL is over!!!

Wow let’s recall something interesting from the morning. I brought my thick fat book dictionary, my electronic dictionary, and even two spare batteries in case the e-dictionary ran out of battery! AM I SINGAPOREAN ENOUGH?

So… at around 7.55am, everyone was already seated and I was looking around in glee because OH HO LOOK WHO’S THE MOST PREPARED WITH THE MOST DICTIONARIES. Then I realised everyone had something that I don’t have:


OMG HAHAHA I suddenly remembered that I DID NOT BRING A SINGLE PEN OR ANYTHING to school this morning so I hurriedly begged Loo JJ (who was in front of me) to lend me two of his pens HAHA. THANKS LOO OMG YOU ARE MY SAVIOR. I almost freaked out writing 公函 because midway I realised that I don’t actually have a ruler… but I realised our ez-link cards are pretty straight too HEHEHE THANK GOD OMG. The incredulity of this actually made my anxiety slip away slowly, midway through the paper I kinda giggled to myself thinking about how epic I am… entering an examination hall without bringing my pencil case. Wow. And earlier that morning I was still showing off to everyone that EH I BRING SO MANY DICTIONARY LEH KIASU ANOT.

I thought the paper this year was much more manageable than last year’s, I remember freaking out at the 综合填空 last year because NO ONE READS UP ABOUT FLOWERS and the whole passage was about a forest/tree/flower and O M G what on Earth??? But I wouldn’t like to pass my judgment too early. More often than not, whenever I think that language (inclusive of GP) papers are manageable, the results turn out to be really disastrous when they return 😦

I sincerely hope I’ll do better than last year. Please don’t let me get B4 or worse or that will be a waste of my parents’ hard-earned $50 😦

Just came back from a night run to receive news of a tragedy. Hope Ms Lim’s fine, RVians please help by sharing the post omg, it’s the peak period for PW it is IMPOSSIBLE that no one witnessed the accident!!! There will definitely be RVians around!!! Please do help by at least sharing the post around. It’s my 2013/2014 Chem teacher we are talking about here 😦


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