Intrinsic Satisfaction

I don’t like a lot of things at face value.

I don’t like running. I don’t enjoy running endlessly until my legs are about to give way / panting like an exhausted horse / perspiration tricking down my nose / thighs jiggling along with the music.

But I like how I feel after that. The feeling of stronger legs / being psychologically skinnier / HUNGER / being able to nap for three hours / feeling healthier.

I don’t like studying. I don’t enjoy crawling out of bed to drag myself to a study table with notes and revision papers / to go to Starbucks and read notes instead of chilling / to pull my eyes open and splash my face with water / to miss exciting activities just to ensure I don’t lag behind the class.

But I like the rewards of it. I enjoy having excellent results / to finally IMPROVE with hard work / to see my percentiles increasing / to be so pleased with myself that I feel as if I deserve an entire term’s break.

I don’t like working. I don’t enjoy holding a tray with four drinks on it, walking around asking people if they want a drink / having to run to the kitchen to and fro to satisfy customers / having to tolerate strange colleagues just to ensure pleasant working relations.

But I’m doing all of it only for one reason. Obviously money. To feed my whims and desires 😦

I have already grown to accept the fact that everything I do won’t be what I truly love, but as far as I can help it, I’ll always try my best to do what I like. Or that it’ll eventually end up a good outcome.

Does that explain?


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