Life after PW

So PW ended on November 6 when I handed in my GPF together with the end of HCL…

hehehehe (with the retard me in uniform cause I had an exam that morning).

So what has gone on since then!

1. Running

These pictures are taken on three entirely different occasions, even though I am wearing the same shirt. THAT’S CAUSE I ONLY HAVE THAT ONE SHIRT HAHA I am poor please donate money. Okay not really la, I found out it’s really comfortable to go running in singlets (hehehe you don’t say). I wonder how I ever survived my past runs in oversized school-based t-shirts when I’m living in an oven all year round.

Anyway regular runs are so that I can train up for NAPFA next year (it’s my last year please let me get a Gold for the last time) and also lose some weight for UK! But it’s not helping because everytime I start exercising, my appetite increases again. 😦 I hope I won’t be miserably squeezing into my jeans in UK wondering why on earth I didn’t lose weight over here.

2. Eating

Further adds on to the fact that I won’t be able to lose weight before UK 😦 I’ve been eating very well, but I’m running out of money LOL. WHEN IS MY PAY COMING IN SOB.

3. Reading

I think I’m a true nerd HAHAHA OK at least I’m finishing PS I Love You soon!!! Books are always more awesome than the movie itself, the movie missed out many details that are clearly written in the book πŸ™‚ Thankful that I chanced upon it at Clementi library, such books are usually on loan hehehe!

4. Dramas

Finished ηˆ±ζƒ…η‘ι†’δΊ†, fell in love with Roy Qiu cause he is so.damn.handsome, now moving on to θƒœε₯³ηš„代价 hehehe loving China dramas cause we get 1080p quality on YouTube omg!!!

OK abrupt ending because I’m going to watch 2 more episodes before heading out again to continue my shirt business hehehe bye!!!


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