I owe them way too much

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday when he sorta mentioned that “I’m the worst son my parents can have”,

and then it got me thinking… I suck as a daughter very much, too.

I was packing my things for Friday earlier this morning and my Mom couldn’t stop nagging (in Chinese)… “Eh too thin liao la” / “Eh your socks cannot keep warm one la” / “Eh your toothpaste not enough” / “Eh buy more jeans la” / But ok la it was quite amusing cause I was packing rather happily so I kept replying with something stupid like “Aiya then don’t brush teeth lor” / “Aiya wear thin more sexy mah maybe can seduce ang moh bring home meet you”.

But most of the time her neverending “Eh your homework haven’t do right” / “Eh why your grades so 差劲” / “Eh why you so 粗心 again” pisses me off so damn bad and I am like @#$#%$& YOU DO YOURSELF LA YOU THINK VERY EASY MEH.

After which I’d feel really bad cause I raged at them when I’m staying in their house / taking their car / eating their food BUT I’ll never apologise because I can’t imagine saying “Sorry Mummy” or “Sorry Papa”. In fact if I say that I think my Mum will go buy 4D immediately cause she likes to do that when a miracle happens (like when I return home from school before 3pm).

But I’m aware that they’re genuinely concerned for me! It just slips my mind whenever I’m angry 😦 Whenever I come across people who have a lot of enrichment lessons, I’ll ask them whether they have ever calculated how expensive they are as a child.

I tried… I once tried. Let’s estimate

Given that I just started piano lessons in May, they have spent about $1500 on my keyboard + lessons + books so far.
They have spent nearly $3500 on my UK trip,
$3000 on my Australia trip,
$1500 for my New Zealand + Kuantan trip,
$3000 on my phones + phone bills for the past 5 years,
$10000 for my allowance the past 5 years…
$2000 for my swimming lessons,
$3000 for my laptop + computer + Nintendo DS (yes in P6) + camera + iPod Touch + so on
About $1000 for school materials like GC/Organiser/Lots of nonsense that the school wants us to buy.

HAHAHA ok now that I have covered most of the frivolous (not necessities) large expenses I realised that it’s still cheaper than a typical wedding dinner LOL. Okay I’m a terrible waste of money, but not TOO bad okay!!

Okay I have yet to cover the expenses of my shopping and nonsense like concerts, but they’re mostly off my allowance cause I save up pretty well… Just thankful that I’m doing OKAY without tuition, someone once told me that you cannot survive JC without tuition. But JC tuition is so crazily expensive I can’t bring myself to ask for it, even when I was doing rather badly in Term 2.

I always rage at my parents cause they scold and insult me (eg. why so lousy your Papa last time last time last time 想当年 想当年 想当年) for not getting As but everyone let’s admit that it is highly unrealistic in JC okay! But hi Mama Papa your expensive daughter will always love you guys for being weird and eccentric 🙂 I owe you too much not just financially and I worry that I’ll never be able to repay you in the future, but I promise that I won’t run away from home and my family teeheehee



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