Mid-November summary

Because of Instagram lately I have come up with yet another excuse for slow blog posts oops.

Vegan Burger at The Grandstand with my siblings hehehe I never knew of the existence of this place omg. It was quite good but very pricey for a fast-food meal, and I thought it was really cool that the restaurant encouraged clearing up of trays! Just that my excellent brother tossed everything into the bin, including the mess tin HAHAHA omg we left the fast-food joint nearly laughing all our food out.

I think Bukit Timah does have a lot of hideouts LOL that’s when a car totally comes in handy. But I still worry that I won’t be able to afford a car in the future hahaha.

5S class picnic! It was rather funny because the people who attended the UK trip briefing went to the outing in school-based attire, and everyone else was decked in dresses and super sexy and swag HAHAHA embarrassment dao siao. And we were fooling around in the Vivo SkyPark, lying down on the floor to look at an entire sky of NOTHING because there were no stars at all… LOL. I guess this can be considered the first OFFICIAL class outing, after PW hehe. I must say PW has brought our class closer quite a bit, since it was probably the first time we got out of all our existing cliques to mingle with everyone else. Thank god for PW actually HAHA.

Photo credits to Annie!

Sundown Festival 2013 with Jiawen! Thanks for the free ticket HAHAHA anyway it sucked compared to 2009, probably because I’m out of the KPop fandom and there weren’t as many cool groups as the past (Brown Eyed Girls / FT Island etc) everyone was jumping squeezing and so happy then, but this time the artistes were so unknown to me :/ Stayed until Bosco Wong and left- didn’t even stay for the KPop group LOL.

I’m going out twice later, one to meet Yang Xi, two to a steamboat buffet with 4G girls! I can’t wait because it’s been a long time since I met up with all these coolgals1996… and I can’t wait to fly off on Friday too 🙂 So sick of work omg hahahaha I’d rather study anytime 😦 I wonder how my parents went through nearly three decades of working, how am I ever going to get used to that?! Monday blues should never apply to school man, school is so much fun in comparison. Maybe I won’t think that way starting next year though, it’s gonna be a really hectic year.

I’M NOT READY SO HOLIDAYS, please crawl as slow as a snail / turtle (LUXURY OF CHOICE PLEASE).


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