63rd COC Graduation Parade

I left house 3 hours after waking up today to attend the 63rd COC Graduation Parade hehe. I shall try to make it a point to come back every year, I missed the one in Year 2 and I must say that has been quite a bit of a regret 😥

IMAG1902 - Copy
With the 3 beautiful ladies HAHAHA.

IMAG1901 - Copy
RV Girls :’) Many people were not able to get into this picture though! Aiyah it’s okay it’s always difficult to have a complete unit picture with people running all over the place.

IMAG1919 - Copy
With Rangers hehe! It was nice to be around them once again, I miss the 3 weeks we went through in the course HAHA. I really missed it when the parade was ongoing, everything felt like deja vu but then when you think about it again, one year has passed. Way too quickly.

I think it’s really amazing how time flew by this year, the new batch of cadet officers are already here….. omg. We are no longer the youngest!

Anyway the entire night at HQ today was really awkward… sob. Tell me what to do??? I hate feeling this way over things that I have absolutely no control over. I made a pact with myself and was eagerly anticipating the end…

but I guess I don’t need to anymore. Thanks.


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