I’m a terrible vegetable

My Uncle just sent me a message reminding me to wish Auntie a happy birthday. That’s the word, reminding. He had to tell me the 2nd time today, to merely wish someone a happy birthday.

I feel insanely terrible because I always manage to put his thoughts and his wishes at the back of my head knowing that they are extremely concerned for me. And yet I remember birthdays of people, that I mean dirt to. Also there was once I agreed to come over for dinner before planning an outing on the very same day, because the wonderful me FORGOT.

Wow HP you are so awesome.

I grew up with them, but yet I’m… how do I describe this. Unfilial is an inappropriate weird, because they aren’t my parents, but they treat me like their own children.

I wonder how they manage to put up with my nonsense….. and yet continually call me over to their houses/events so frequently. Omg I am such a terrible horrible person. 😥


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