Christmas 2013

My Christmas week was very very well spent! Spent most of Christmas with my friends this year… hehe!

21st December

On the 21st there was an impromptu dinner with the 4G ladies because Jolyn was saying that she wanted to meet up again before she flies off/the school starts, so we decided to meet the next day HAHA. I love impromptu meetups 🙂

After a long argument we ended up at Strictly Pancakes HAHAHA we were standing all around Plaza Singapura wondering what to eat for 2 hours what the heck I’m surprised most of us didn’t faint from that HAHAHA we started dinner only at like 8pm!

Strictly Pancakes lighting is bad as usual so I am not gonna upload any photos LOL but I couldn’t finish my pancake cause I got so sick of it HAHA. Midway through our dinner we kept getting disturbed- I had a tiny bit of birdshit on my wrist and omg HAHAHA twigs kept falling because we were sitting outside. We were like over-reacting kids actually, the moment one twig fell we would all jump and scream oops HAHAHA the crowds/queue be judging us.

Honestly I really didn’t know they were buying my present before meeting up LOL I thought they were all trolling wth. Okay yes they were, when I look at the photo frame HAHA. WHAT A DISTANT REALITY 😥 Thank you 4G sexy ladies I really love the gift and the cards you guys have written to me hehehe.

Group photo at Plaza Singapura before some people left! That’s me holding my birthday present/Christmas present hehe 🙂

It was really late after dinner so we ended up at Daiso playing a fool and deciding what we should wear for our Christmas exchange (which wasn’t confirmed at that point in time). So at that very moment they decided to stick Edina’s bangle up Szemin’s elbow and we spent a good 15-20 minutes pulling it out HAHAHA Szemin was not the only victim, Cathy also slid it up her arm and had it stuck LOL. Initially we were laughing so hard and passers-by at Daiso were also laughing at Szemin, but soon it got a bit… too funny when we realised that IT’S REALLY NOT GONNA COME OUT HAHAHAHA.

After which to get it out they used the soap that they bought for my birthday present HAHAHA This is so damn amusing.

We were so desperate to get it out probably three of us were pulling off the bangle at once HAHAHAHA omg it was really stuck and we were all so frightened it was amusing HAHAHA.

That was us being normal before the bangle got stuck on Szemin HAHAHA.

And us at the Christmas tree at Cathay! We camwhored with the tree for such a long while people were waiting outside for so long HAHAHA. Okay after this I shall go tag the photo on Cathay website, hopefully it’s already there LOL.

22nd December

This was a day out shopping with Mom and Bro, unfortunately Mom got tired too fast, way too fast, before we began shopping HAHAHA. She wanted to look around at Westgate and Jem anyway, places that she haven’t been to before… so. LOL.

But we had a good lunch at Paradise Dynasty anyway, my first time!

My face and my food after being… stirred? HAHA.

After that we went around shopping for gifts for our own family’s Christmas exchange! The minimum amount was $50 omg I died. It was supposed to be secret Santa, so all of us drew lots earlier… I got my Mom’s. And just that day she was complaining that her belt was wearing out, so I got her a new leather belt and room shoes since she wears them all the time LOL.

Here are our gifts ready for the exchange on Christmas Eve! LOL.

23rd December

This was the platoon day which had been planned since ages ago haha. Only 7 turned up this year… last year was 8… I think it’ll decrease every year LOL 😦 Hopefully not! I mean, we’re a year through our CCA and at least we still have 7 right? HAHA.

But then again, a smaller number actually means less gifts to prepare. I had less hassle to be honest, I finished the cards rather quickly HAHA. Maybe because the content has decreased over the years, I mean there’s only so much you can write to people you haven’t really interacted with in the entire year! My gifts were really pretty though (in my opinion can HAHA), I bought all the colours available and kept the green one for myself 🙂 I was asking many of them for their favourite colours so I kept the least desired colour okay! Hehe.

Okay so we were running for the bus to Chenxi’s house HAHAHA. It’s been a long time since I had to run for that bus, ever since ROD ended, FSD ended, dance practices ended and there wasn’t a need to go to her house anymore. So it was a nice familiarity, to reach the entrance of her Condo hehehe!

She came to fetch us in her cool dyed hair and I was like omg Chenxi I couldn’t recognise you HAHAHA. We haven’t met each other for quite a long time and the way she spoke didn’t change at all HAHAHA a disturbing familiarity “I just ate my lunch omg omg omg I am soooooooo full” “How can you guys skip lunch?!” It was nice to be around one another again hehehe!

Getting ready for the steamboat while waiting for the latebirds: Chua and Jiawen LOL. This was my view of the steamboat, so I guess it’s easy to predict what I feasted the most on 🙂

A group photo of us at her Condo after we ended our feast, ready for the Christmas exchange HAHA.

Afterwards we headed to her function room to continue with our Christmas day since her family was at home and we would have made a ruckus, and then Chenxi came marching in with my surprise cake. Surprise surprise, I was the first one to see her walking into the room HAHAHA AND I WAS LIKE “OMG MY CAKE”. Okay not that I was being an ego bastard but I was hacking her phone when I accidentally saw a group titled “ping”. I wouldn’t have thought much of it because everyone uses ping very loosely (sounds damn wrong omg), but the last message was by Jieling and I was like OMG I’M NOT INSIDE THE GROUP???

Then I’m like. Oh oops. LOL.

Here’s me and my cake! Wah Chenxi’s function room got more festive mood than my loser house LOL. Ok no I love my house it has my family they create the best Christmas moods LOLOL.

That’s a group photo of us with the cake! I mean, there aren’t any passer bys to help us take a photo mah HAHA.

My gifts after the exchange! Hahaha 🙂 It was so funny because 5 minutes after the exchange all of us were busy positioning our gifts for the best Instagram shot, Jieling was lying down, some of us were squatting, lying over in awkward positions to take the photo with the Christmas tree/best lighting/without the cake/without people in the photo HAHAHA. It was so amusing.

Actually it’s quite a good idea to make one for everybody, even though it’s really hassling, you get back the number of gifts you made! That’s better in a way…? 😀 I received many functional items this year and I’m glad! I have already started using the calendar and the notebook- it’s going to be my school organiser for the next year HAHA NO MORE UGLY SCHOOL ORGANISERS HEHE.

It was a great night that ended late though, thank you Chenxi’s Mom for sending us to the MRT and dropping me along the way where it was more convenient for me to go home 🙂 I had a really enjoyable time catching up with these people! I am not sure whether to be happy or upset that we no longer gossip like the past because there’s simply nothing to gossip about, everyone’s so public with their relationships HAHA. But oh well! Some people are still the target of my rants LOL.

Thank you for the gifts, and the cake teehee it must have been expensive for you guys since platoon gatherings are becoming smaller :S

24th December

Christmas Eve was like a cooling off day from so many days of activities and for me to actually get back to blogging again HAHAHA BUT I ENDED UP READING The Hunger Games from morning (yes I’m aware that I have been lagging for 2 centuries thank you very much) because I wanted to finish the book by the end of Christmas. Oh well, I guess I did. I finished it the very next day HAHA. I am not an avid book reader but I must say the book was really captivating 🙂 No wonder it has such high ratings on Goodreads!

I even brought the book to my birthday dinner HAHAHA nerd1996.

Customary family photo at the table hehe. With the present that my siblings claimed “Tore apart their wallets” “So painful that they even had to ask Dad to chip in” HAHAHA. Aww so sweet thanks guys 🙂 I received a Galaxy Note 10.1 anyway HAHA. Mom said it’d better aid me with school next year! Ah maybe I’ll bring it to school everyday 🙂 Easier to look at assignment answers and everything as well, as compared to looking at them on the phone.

Photo with cousin Yang HAHAHA.

And that’s me looking fabulous after cutting my cake hehe 🙂 The design of the cake was not bad, the “Happy Birthday To Ping Ping 2013” was quite special, I mean usually it’s only the Happy Birthday (mini) standee hehe. But I overheard the cake cost and omg it’s damn expensive for how it looks LOL. It tasted not bad though!

Had a really good dinner, went to VivoCity with my sister to walk around because the car wasn’t able to accomodate ALL our weights HAHAHA. Till shops were closing, then we went home for the Christmas gift exchange!

And…. I received the blue present (if you scroll up!). It was from my brother hehe. The purple one was mine 🙂 When I ripped it open I was slightly shocked cause I was like “HUH WHY YOU BUY POLAROID FILMS FOR ME I ALSO NO POLAROID” (that’s the first thing I shouted out oops) And then when I continued tearing apart the wrapping paper I found a Polaroid inside HAHAHA. Siao high cost present, I’m so lucky to receive two tech gadgets in one Christmas!

So that kinda concluded the night while I continued reading my book HAHA. I think reading isn’t a waste of time at all 🙂 Whenever I read a book to sleep, I feel like I’m actually putting my night to good use. Hehe, may that continue for the rest of 2014, I believe I bought enough books from UK to last me through the entire year HAHA.

25th December

So all of us were single ladies and we decided to SPEND CHRISTMAS TOGETHER! HAHAHA.

Went to Jiawen’s house in the evening and played with the 2 dogs that were there LOL. THEY LIED ABOUT DRESSING UP IN FESTIVE COLOURS OMG ONLY Cathy and I were in red and green HAHAHA the rest of them were such scams!!! But nevertheless it’s nice to wear Christmas colours anyway LOL. Bright and boomz HAHAHA.

We spent the day playing this wood block game HAHAHA I can’t even remember the name of it. Didn’t spend much time, however, cause we met late and we had to go home early (no one stays at Kovan anymore). It was still a night well spent though, at least you spent Christmas with others hehe.

A group photo at her house after the Christmas exchange hehe! We played this game that Gracie came up for us and I ended up with Jia Wen’s present, a laptop cover/tablet cover. It was quite a coincidence because I just received a Note yesterday without a cover, and once again I receive a cover LOL. It’s as if the present came just in time for me to use it!

And I took my first polaroid 🙂 I only have 9 films left until Chinese New Year so I am using every film as if it’s the last bit of my life, LOL. I’m going to buy more soon! It’s always a heartache to get lousy photos taken because films, especially designed ones, are so so so expensive omg.

And after the entire Christmas weekend/week, I unwrapped my presents and took a photo as I do every year hehe. Thank you everyone, every present (especially the birthday or Christmas cards) mean a lot to me and I’ll use them well! 🙂 Kept some of the wrapping papers though, they were really pretty… I’m going to reuse them HAHAHHAHA SHHHH GUYS.

Ok right now it’s 10.48am I need to bathe and rush to meet up for New Year Eve Countdown or else I’m going to get slaughtered by the organiser i.e. Tan Jiawen HAHAHA. Walao meet so early my Mom thought I was gonna come home in the evening already HAHAHA


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