2nd time collecting HCL

Uh oh the year passed by really fast HAHA. I still remember I wasn’t THAT nervous for the results last year, in fact I was quite prepared to do damn badly cause I know I did damn badly for 综合填空 (6/20 sounds good yes?)

I honestly think I’ll be really emotionally burdened by my results this time- because it’s really my final chance. Last year I could still seek comfort in the fact that “I still have one more chance at the end of the year”, but NO NOT ANYMORE NGHP. I can’t retake anymore because 1. I’ve gleefully thrown away all my Chinese materials, 2. NO ONE TAKES HCL TOGETHER WITH A LEVELS, 3. The syllabus has changed, no one writes 公函 anymore now it’s some hipster 电子邮件 okay.

Let’s say I don’t do better than the previous time (i.e. >B4), it means I’ve wasted my $50 and my first A Level grade on paper will be a C… :'((( Honestly that is really upsetting. Fingers crossed, I’ll hope for the best tomorrow! Results will be out at 2pm and my dismissal is at 12pm tomorrow, it’s gonna be the longest two hours ever woahhh I’m gonna spend every minute counting down 60 seconds LOL.

These two weekends have been really productive because I did no shit except holiday homework, and guess what I’m finally done with my Math Revision Package!!! Took me about 6 full days in total HAHAHA I’m so proud of myself. Looks like everything can be done really fast if you’re in a mad rush :’) Not ready for Math test but ready for JC2 because holiday homework is finally completed HAHAHA definitely took me a while hehehe.

Totally overdue photos: (haven’t found the time to transfer photos man HAHAHA)

Serve Cambodia Team 2013 at Sentosa HAHA! It was a beach day at Sentosa (4 hours running playing frisbee running in the water / LOSING LOTS OF CALORIES) followed by dinner, and New Year Countdown at Marina Bay hehe! The fireworks display was stunning no doubt, however I’m pretty sure it lasted longer last year HAHA. And we counted down by ourselves by following the iPhone clock hehehe. At the count of 1 the fireworks shot up :’) AT LEAST WE HAVE A COUNTDOWN. At every countdown party what intrigues me most is everyone counting down “10, 9, 8, …” and so on together because it’s really COUNTING DOWN TO THE END OF THE SHITTY YEAR (for me at least) 🙂

Celebrating Matthias’s 1st birthday hehe 🙂 Jan 1 baby! Little children these days are so lucky, but I guess I was a lucky baby too HAHA I was told that there was a birthday celebration for me every year because I am born on Christmas and well, that calls for a celebration. Okay, thank you parents for the memories that I can’t seem to remember HAHAHA.

I am losing the spirit in blogging because there hasn’t been much spirit in my life lately sob. I feel sad to return home to an empty house nowadays, used to be really noisy with my siblings and parents at home chit chatting endlessly. Now I’m faced with an empty dining table all to myself. But I finally have a conducive mugging environment at home.

I miss the times when I went out with my siblings. I hope we would still get together frequently after all of us get married (hopefully we do!).


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