Genius me

School hasn’t been particularly interesting these days, but I still seek comfort in the fact that I can still take 3 hour naps when I get home hehe. I need so much sleep for a 18-year-old girl LOL. I remember I hated sleeping as a kid and my (first) maid would throw my pillows and bolsters out to get me to sleep HA HA HA WHAT and the latest latest latest I ever slept was 10.30pm before I entered Secondary 1. Back then there was no Twitter but there was Facebook. And the only use of Facebook was to play Pet Society / Restaurant City… I have a super super super nice restaurant in the latter ok HAHAHA. And I turned off my phone to sleep every night to save battery………????? Holy cow who does that anymore.

Okay digressing as usual I always have so much shit in my head and of course lots of shit in my bag to be worked on as well. Okay not shit that’s totally gold, this gold is gonna help me get like straight As in A Levels man!!! I mean, who doesn’t want that? Girls can dream 😛

However I think I really need to wake up soon because I’m not gonna do well in Math with my professional reading skills anyway- what’s the point of doing 100 S&S questions (and like 10 questions with asterisks) when I’m going to misread 100m as 100cm wth. So the question went like this “Carpenter A cut 2 100-metre planks in progressive order with a difference of 5cm from the previous plank… The first plank was 30cm… What’s the length of the longest plank?” bla bla bla something like that.

So the genius me read it as 100cm. Or more like, I didn’t read it as 100m. So I went 30 + 35 + 40 + 45 + 50 = 200cm!

Oh I even wrote an explanation on why the 3rd piece is not attainable “The 3rd piece cannot be cut from the plank as each plank is only 100cm and it falls short of the length needed. Thus, only 4 pieces can be cut.” And during the test I was like, LOL WHY 4 MARKS SO EASY TO EARN THANKS MATH DEPARTMENT.

wtf ng hui ping??? you think you still in P3? wait I think P3 students do more tough questions than what I interpreted.

SO WELL DONE FOR THE WHOLE FRIDAY I was feeling so dumb and stupid and LIKE WHAT REALLY WHAT AM I DOING IN JC??? I’m pretty sure we didn’t pay $100+ to buy the GC to do calculations like “30+35+40+45+50″… my gosh. Maybe I’m burning out too quickly- am I studying too much such that I’m becoming stupid???

去死把 don’t study fail study also fail I am really a loser at this JC game.

But I think at the end of the day, I’m still gonna study cause I’m a slave of this education system. So time to get back to that ultra thick stack of notes omg buying a life does anyone have a life to spare??????



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