Chinese New Year Eve

Simple happiness:

Sitting on my chair drinking Apple with Aloe Vera slowly after a hot long bath…… something I haven’t gotten to do for the entire month! All month I have been scrambling to my table to my insurmountable amount of homework/tutorials/nonsense I have to do. I have definitely anticipated this Chinese New Year break very very much :’)

January has been a pretty arduous month, but obviously worse months are coming… so suck it up it’s one last year before (hopefully) more years of torture???

So far I’ve already had 3 dinners (it’s showing on the scale by the way not sure if the clothes I bought in December can still be worn):

Rangers BBQ

Snippets of photos taken that day- it was a really fat day with endless eating because I went for a swim before dinner and thus I was really really hungry by the time the food was cooked… Hehehehe making my money worth yes.

Well, now that I own a Polaroid camera, I have a preference to take polaroids rather than digital images teehee. Not sure if it’s a good thing because digital images can definitely last longer (you can even make copies of it/turn it into a polaroid), but then again simply looking at polaroid films make me inexplicably happy. I feel like I’m making imprints in my life whenever I keep a film in the album hahaha.

Old is the new cool 🙂

Steamboat/BBQ with Delta ’12 Girls

20140126_210051 - Copy
These are the people I’d always try to keep in contact with even when I’m old and haggly… okay not so exaggerated HAHA all of us would probably have our own lives (that are too damn different) by then. When we were in Year 2/3 or something planning FSD at Jieling’s house we made a list for loads of nonsense… like rankings of “Who will get married first” “Who will get attached first” (first position was already snapped up by then HAHAHA) “Who will commit an affair”

We were rather retarded/childish but thinking of these memories definitely makes me smile: it’s really the stupid things you do that matter in the future. I remember ALL the stupid good and bad things that I did hehehe but I don’t recall any ordinary day when I did something right… yeah I really don’t LOL. 3 years being subjected to what used to be “ordinary NCC life” definitely made us a lot physically and mentally stronger. We marched in the scorching sun together, we had bleeding knees, we had palms red and swollen from the burning track, tears and perspiration in a package all dripping into the track as we trembled endlessly in push up positions and well, they are definitely bittersweet memories HAHA. I’ll always remember them, in a good way of course 🙂

There was this one day when half the platoon was down for something (Shooting? FSD? I don’t remember) and half the platoon was down for CCA. The ones at CCA got knocked during act quite a bit… When the other group came back to CCA, they were so guilty that they paid back the push ups on the track after dismissal, and somehow we just ended up doing the push ups all together, shouting at the top of our lungs even though there wasn’t a need to (we were already dismissed!). I don’t even remember which group I was in (the one who escaped the punishment/the one who got punished) but that day made me really certain that joining NCC had probably been the best decision when I was in Year 1 hehe.

I’ll always resent however, the fact that a hierarchy had to be there, which drew all of us apart. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to get something good out of NCC after three (or four) long years? We started doubting one another. We started to act in our capacity and did what was expected of our positions. It’s like the friendship meter in the SIMs, it depletes with less interaction. After that conversation with you, I realised how much things have changed for all of us. We were really close, in fact close enough to hang around for a few hours just doing nothing but chatting about our lives. But things are different as they have been in the past. It sucks to drift away from friends just because of dumb rumours you heard… but there won’t be smoke without a fire right…?

Sometimes I think I’m some dumb hellshit. Sigh 😦

Okay too much rambling as usual, the most important event definitely:

Family Reunion Dinner!!!

My family is so non-mainstream cause of our (sister brother me) incessant whining about “Every year eat steamboat damn sian ley” “One steamboat is equivalent to eating 10 bowls of rice” (no idea who came up with that)

This is our contribution to the reunion dinner: Mom’s three little maids! Filial children we are, lugging her grocery shopping home at 11pm HAHAHAHA. The amount of food we buy every single time makes me think that we’re stocking up for a war.

So we had a normal family meal hehehe I wanted to position all the dishes nicely and take an Instagram-worthy photo and caption it like “WELCOMING THE HORSE YEAR IN STYLE” but my siblings were like “CAN YOU FASTER ANOT” “Wah the smell damn nice” and their fingers kept getting into my photos by pinching the abalone so….. I couldn’t manage a nice photo in time 😦 The best photo I took makes it look like some vegetarian dinner (couldn’t even capture the shark fin soup- sorry sharks, abalone, the moss-looking dish with oysters supposedly sounding like 好事发财…)

Ah I’m hungry again cause my bowels went on a riot right after the dinner HAHAHA. Okay time to get to sleep it’s already 2am and I have already done my part as a filial daughter to 守夜! AND BECAUSE IT’S A LONG DAY TOMORROW (midnight movie yayyyyyy)

Have a Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!! Enjoy the 5-day break before it’s back to reality HEHEHE.


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