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Lying awake thankful at the prospect of a potential 7 hours sleep ahead- that’s a lot of sleep for a Sunday night πŸ™‚ Although that’s sure to decrease given that I’m still on my fingers AHAHA.

I have a lot of goals for the year ahead. I want to take part in NDP / finish a drama / go overseas with friends and family after As / go prawning / go midnight kite flying but I guess these are all rather difficult to attain given the rigidity of the academic curriculum this year :-(((

Let’s take it a step at a time HAHAHA.

It’s nearing the end. The end for me too…. as I promised myself. I remember back in June / July when you were called “the home screen”, when I ran for my life for my phone upon remembering that I didn’t have a pass code on the iPhone 4. I remember how you were an unknown character in everybody’s lives, even to me despite the strange familiarity that somehow struck a chord with me on our first encounter.

I never thought I’ll ever bear such courage. The feelings of infatuation are pretty amazing, and I think it powers foolishness better than anything else. That said, I don’t think I’ll regret any of the stupid or embarrassing things I’ve done. Bad decisions make good memories πŸ™‚

This is quite obvious to people who know me well oops guess I’ll lock this up if need be. But regardless, thank you for being such an amusing passing phase of my life HAHA :’) I am not sure if I’ll laugh at myself 5 years later…. perhaps 10 years down the road, I’d have forgotten who you are and your name.

Time changes everything πŸ˜‰


Last week of the month


I actually hate to admit this very much, but February has passed quicker than ever and we are approaching March! An intense test week just makes everything faster. It honestly feels like the year just started, omg. Many subjects are almost done with all lectures and the completion of the A-Level syllabus. Scarily fast.

But before I think about that: I will embrace the tests next week heartily. Especially for Geog, that I flunked so badly in Term 1. Sigh, I used to think that it was the best decision I made to take Geog. Now it’s becoming my worst nightmare.

Shall not let myself be daunted by bad results. Go go go HP you can do this

Valentines’ Day 2014

Pardon me for my inactivity- or maybe I might just get more inactive haha. Anyway no one really reads blogs anymore (or blogs anymore), since there are so many social media platforms to remain entertained anyway.

Here are pictures that document the last bit of my Chinese New Year:

Valentines’ Day

The gifts I packed! Okay that sounds all wonderful but they were just subway cookies I bought in bulk the night before HAHAHA. They still tasted good the next morning anyway, I guess I kept them well in a way HAHAHA.

Gifts I received in return!

Honestly I have never been one to be thoughtful enough to go around giving gifts to everyone, until I felt that perhaps since this year was gonna be the last in RV, I shall do something for once LOL. I recall giving chocolates in Year 3 but the years in between have been a complete blank- I have only been receiving, and not giving.

It also feels good to go around with a box of kueh lapis forcing everyone to eat it HAHAHA it had been untouched in my house for quite a while and I guess that’s the perfect way to get rid of food- bring it to school!

Class outing at Mr Lawrence’s

It was supposed to be a ζ‹œεΉ΄ day, but I guess it ended up a class outing because Chinese New Year already passed by the time we went to his house LOL.

Class shot of everyone there, oops I guess the picture is a tad too dark but that’s fine! What’s important is the people inside hehe.

This was our “funshot”, we didn’t want to trouble his wife further so we were like “MR LAWRENCE TAKE A SELFIE” shit I’m so amused HAHAHA.

A photo with sexy Beatrice (do I get an extra cupcake the next time you bake HAHAHA)

A photo with my house captain decked in a white dress, Jiawen came late and the first thing she said was “WAH WEIXUAN WHY YOU WEAR WHITE, you think you fairy ah” HAHAHAHA I THOUGHT FAIRIES WERE PINK??? Oh and I remember I used to spell fairy as faerie cause of Neopets… oh wait I just googled damn it’s really correct I guess I was a genius since young HAHAHAHA.

And us going up to his house (totally crashing) when his mother was there LOL. I feel quite bad since that means they have to clean up after us but HAHAHA okay… We had a look at his room and where he does his Math (LOL), his wedding photos, his baby room and everything. Awww I think the house visit just brought us on another level of closeness LOL.

Mr Lawrence is probably the cutest teacher ever omg HAHAHA I love my JC teachers so much. If our entire school were to be separated from the school management and how our school is run I think I would really, really love school life. Even with all the truckloads of work and nonsense I have to do everyday. Because the teachers and students are so amazing hahaha.

"Mr Lawrence do you want a third child?" "I want leh, but my wife don't want. She say I not responsible."
"Mr Lawrence is a boy or girl more expensive?" "The girl, the boy don't know what's happening at all. You ask him question, he just stare at you"
"Mr Lawrence why your arm hook your wife not your wife hook you?" "Wah why you observe this kind of thing ah… because in this relationship I wear skirt"
"I started dating my wife at 17… so if I'm in your school, I will get suspended" *he starts laughing cheekily* (MARRIED HIS FIRST GIRLFRIEND BTW)

SHIT HAHAHA I think I'm really blessed to get two really cool form teachers in both years, who joins us in our class outings and everything πŸ™‚

I don't think teachers these days stalk students' blogs since blogs aren't really in trend anymore. They have so many scripts to mark anyway HAHA but a really really big thank you to my JC teachers, thank you for making my school life cool amidst all the madness πŸ™‚

Random pictures:

THIS IS THE WHOLE SCHOOL SENDING JIALE AND HIS SISTER OFF TO AUSTRALIA LOL I was so damn amused actually, omg there were literally truckloads of people HAHA.

I wasn’t rather close to Jiale, I was just a participant in the stupid arguments that are constantly ensued in MSN / outside the NCC room (eg. he once said “i roll you up in my hair and bring home” SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAHAHAHA), but I wish him all the best in the next chapter in his life πŸ™‚ Hope he’s settling in well with his new classmates at his new school!

And hacking of Weixuan’s phone:

HAHAHAHA shit these were just two of the hundreds we took I think, it was so amusing because we picked up all the objects in sight- Qianxuan’s Chinese book, her pencil case, their water bottles, just anything we could find on the table and camwhored endlessly HAHAHA.

School would have been pretty wonderful if I didn’t receive my Geography test paper today- it’s my worst-performing subject this term 😦 I am okay with getting horrible scores if the whole cohort is performing similarly (eg. Econs), but I honestly hate to be below average. I am way below average this time and it saddens me because I have to work extra hard for the rest of the year to salvage that nonsense.

If I get a C for GP (which I hope I do of course, I’ve never gotten anything higher than D for GP in JC, please send me to River Valley Chinese School), my grades this term would spell ABCDE. Okay it’s bad, but not that bad when you put it into perspective, but it just pains me to do badly in subjects that I’ve worked very hard for. I mean, if I failed Chemistry it wouldn’t come as big as a surprise to me because I only spent ~2 days studying everything from scratch, but I started Urban really early 😦

I guess it’s my fault again, my question-answering techniques as seen are sorely lacking. I ought to work harder I guess.

Goodness I have been slacking since I reached home at 4.30pm (IT’S NEARLY 10PM NOW), time to finally get my ass down to doing some work. And omg why are there sprint intervals tomorrow it makes me dread school/PE so much 😦 Tuesdays are so long….

Another 18th went by

Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

Mary Schmich

Happy birthday Gordon! PS: He’s not 2, it’s just that we only remembered about the photo when he already blew most of his candles out oops hehehe

And a terrible selfie of the 6 of us with a cake that was proudly sponsored by Caleb HAHA

Spent the night with the 6/6 people today. How fitting, since there were only 6 of us today HAHA. Happy because after such a long time it’s still really easy to talk to one another.

And also happy, of course, that I was sent to a neighbourhood primary school- such that I never worry about missing the last train/bus πŸ™‚

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year this year was pretty fantabulous- slightly more amazing than previous years if I forget the fact that I gained way too much weight.

Day 1

OOTD with our excitement on Day 1!!! Chinese New Year is definitely one of my favourite holidays hehe.

Spent εˆδΈ€ as usual at my paternal side, these are at least the relatives that I can identify with, that I can call by name, that I don’t have to frantically “Eh korkor δ»–/ε₯Ήε«δ»€δΉˆ?” I think it’s sad how we drift apart from some relatives as time goes by. The more you grow up, the more you realise that the only people who will always stick around are 1. Some true friends perhaps and 2. People you are blood-related to.

But no doubt I always find myself hit with an inferiority complex because goodness knows why I was fed to my size HAHAHA all my relatives are crazily slim! If I were a pig I’d be highly desired because of my fat content but no I’m a human and no one eats human for their meat!!!

The people of my generation HAHA yes I happen to be the youngest. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of because I have always been a pain in the ass with all the legal restrictions. I can’t enter pubs, I can’t watch NC16 movies, I can’t shit and I can’t shat. But I’m turning 18 soon!!! That’s still almost 4 years away from hitting the casino, so I guess I’m not that old yet πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the day I can enter a casino though, not because I’m a diehard gambler but because I really really really want to see how it is like inside a casino HAHA. Watched too much Mahjong movies and θ΅ŒεœΊι£ŽδΊ‘ when I was young!!!

Okay standby for our ι±Όη”Ÿ, one for the adults and one for the children HAHAHA. One had more abalone and one had more salmon LOL.

The aftermath of our ζžι±Όη”Ÿ. Only lately did I find out that this customary practice is supposed to be done on δΊΊζ—₯ but hehehe it's better early than late right? I always love the salmon slices HAHAHA I'm usually (still) the treasure hunter after everyone has left the table with a filled belly LOL.

As usual we caught our midnight movie after the entire day of gambling and CNY what-nots, and we caught The Lion Men this time! Truth be told the movie looked much better in the trailer and…. let's just say I expected more. The day ended pretty quickly, and it was rather upsetting because I'm sure it's quite a widely-known fact that your Chinese New Year is almost ending after Day 1.

Day 2

wHAT WE DO AT HOME featuring my oversized arms! Trying not to repeat any photos I already have on Instagram and most of the time it doesn’t turn out too beautiful HAHAHA.

Went over to my maternal side that day! Honestly I’m not exactly close to the families present, so I guess awkward interactions and “Happy New Year!” ”身体ε₯εΊ·!” “ε­¦δΈšθΏ›ζ­₯!” “δΈ€εˆ‡ι‘Ίι‘Ίεˆ©εˆ©!” formed the bulk of my time there. Actually it’s not something to be proud about, I recall when I was young our relations were a lot better. I was definitely bored of all the customary greetings and just the idea of Chinese New Year itself, but I talked more. Maybe it’s simply because I blabbered a lot as a child.

These days it’s just short superficial interactions, food, laugh and take more food, and then we are on our way home. I guess some things can’t change if you don’t practise it from young. It’ll be quite strange for me to go up to my old cousins now and ask how’s their year and everything… right.

Went home and took a really long standard NgHuiPing nap of about 3 hours before being awakened for dinner at the hawker below my home. And guess what

I MET TAN JIAWEN HAHA it was such a cool coincidence because her ζ‹œεΉ΄ house happened to be my childhood friend/her cousin staying here! This sexylady keeps saying that she has fat arms. Nonsense also got limit one hor!

After dinner I stayed around my neighbourhood, packed my table (had no idea they were coming over I didn’t pack my horrible mugger table omg) and left for Jae’s house hehe. It was the weirdest gathering of people…? Thinking about it, it was really a strange group HAHAHA. Nevertheless we played mahjong until like 2am before leaving because of me hehehe ooooops. Looks like girls will always have curfews no matter what. Thanks Jae for having us and hope you had a great 18th birthday that day πŸ™‚

Day 3


The day I dressed like a tablecloth. LOL. The dress is actually quite nice leh… but I just look like a walking table in it HAHAHA. We went to Prosperous Kitchen for our Day 3 meal, which we usually have at Prima. Guess there’s a change this year! Not too sure whether it was a good change though, LOL.

Slept the whole day away- was too tired from sleeping at 4am the previous day HAHA. Afterwards relatives came over to play mahjong again πŸ™‚ And siblings & cousin went around Clementi just walking and doing shit, drinking bubble tea, for instance walking into NTUC and making fun of the products. Time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted πŸ™‚ These are probably the memories I’ll miss the most when my siblings get married in the future 😦 I can’t believe my brother is 28, my sister is 22, and my cousin is 25 HAHAHA goodness I think all of us still behave like we are 12.

Day 4

The long awaited steamboat with 4G! I have been so fat from the entire week already and it’s just more eating and more eating HAHAHA. Shopped for our own food at NTUC, I think grocery shopping with friends is so much more fun HAHAHA.

Cathy’s favourite “Take bacon very nice one trust me” ok HAHAHA WHO COMPLAINS ABOUT MEAT REALLY???

While waiting for our food to cook, terrible placing I chose, such that I had to be the person constantly lifting and putting the lid back HAHAHA. Next time I shall be smarter and sit beside the sofa where there’s no table for any support HAHAHA. No la kidding hearts.

After the dinner outside Jia Wen’s house! The lighting looks really good here HAHA.

Thank god for the 4G girls, thank god I met them, thank god all the time. Everytime we separate to go home it’s always damn sad because they are so retarded and loud and noisy HAHAHA. It’s a well-known fact that we aren’t very favoured by the entire level but I guess we find joy in being disfavoured HAHA. I’ll never pick another class omg where else can I find these crazy girls :’) I hope we’ll always stay close, I hope we’ll always find the time to go out together πŸ™‚

After the steamboat lunch I left swiftly to go to the ζ˜₯εˆ°ζ²³η•” exhibition at the floating platform. I was like what HAHAHA the whole place was so small and the food stalls probably took up much more space than the exhibits. But aiya it was not a bad thing lah it’s better that I’ve been out taking photos rather than staying home the entire time HAHA.

The most adorable people in my life. Thankfully I know they will never read my blog or I will never say this HAHAHA. Skipped dinner that day because my tummy was so damn enlarged from the steamboat LOL.

This pretty much sums up my Chinese New Year- took a lot of polaroids and looking through them in my polaroid album makes me so happy hehe. After the long holiday I guess I’m ready for another battle with school for a few months! Thankful for such a fulfilling holiday, and despite the fact that I did no shit but to read a book on Empress Dowager Cixi, I’m happy happy and more than happy πŸ™‚ Oh, there’s still the visit to Mr Lawrence’s house next weekend HAHA!

I was looking at the selfies I took to track the growth of my hair… and to conclude it I miss my short hair. I feel like snipping off my tail again but the prospect of having to bob around with an overgrown head turns me off.

Further so when I have to put on that pretty-gay big hairnet for my beret.

Ah well I shall hold that thought for a while… maybe I might snip it off again hehehehe