NCC Week

HAHAHAHA SHIT so much has happened in my life but I’m so so so lazy to blog about it these days because I spend 30 minutes editing my photos to put it on Instagram instead.

Not sure if it’s a good thing because so much of my life is now spread out over so many platforms urgh

Okay let’s see what I can remember!

1. Swee Choon with 6S’s 4G girls

Probably 1/3 of our food that day. That’s the bad thing about Dim Sum, it comes individually so you can’t take a full picture HAHAHA and by the time it comes you’d want to eat it anyway. We spent 1 hour queuing! Of course we were damn hungry by the time the food arrived HAHAHA.

Edina laughing while chewing on a custard bao. Omg. I am so gonna use this series of photos to haunt her when her birthday arrives HAHAHA. Couldn’t even take a proper shot because my hands were trembling so much from my laughing.

I am always very thankful when we go out on Fridays together because it usually marks the end of an arduous test week. I mean, why else would you go out on a Friday? Go home and mug! We are already approaching the end of Term 1 without me even knowing, I am getting increasingly afraid especially after the release of A Level results. There are three types of people on results day:

1. Happy and shutting up so as to not potentially offend anyone
2. Disappointed with results and wondering which university would accept you. Wondering what went wrong.
3. Reaching 3 hours late to collect the results from the General Office

It’s pretty evident what everyone wants to be- how everyone wants to achieve those coveted straight-As. But it isn’t so easy… I can’t even do well for school-based exams.

2. FSD West District Competition

A photo of the Delta ’12 girls who were there… gets smaller every year because of our varying commitments. Oh well, who told us to turn 18 so quickly? HAHA.

Company photo at HQ NCC hehe. So proud of the RVNCC company, both girls and boys did so so so exceptionally well. They totally brought up the mood in HQ at that point in time… it was literally 高潮!!! Everyone was so excited and cheering so damn hard omg :’) so proud to be from RVNCC! Looking forward to FSD Finals haha.

3. Sister’s birthday

Many weeks ago I already asked my sister what type of cake she’d like and she commented casually with a mention of “Strawberry” and “Coffee” in it. So I decided to ask Beatrice to help me bake to make a more customised strawberry cake (cause I liked strawberry better than coffee) hehehe.

I guess the product was pretty darn amazing- better than all the pictures she had shown me for “samples” omg. There were FRESH FLOWERS on it and the strawberry flavour in the cake was so damn good. Gotta thank her so so so very much, my sister was so happy she was delirious HAHAHA She couldn’t stop camwhoring with the flowers on it (was that a daisy) cause she said it was the FIRST TIME she was receiving flowers. HAHAHA.

I mean just look at what she’s tweeting!!!! I spent 17 years of my life with this woman and yet I can’t fathom what she’s saying HAHHAHA.

4. Dad’s birthday

CAM00413 - Copy
Baskin Robbins cake hehehe after such a long long time! It was like vanilla cake with strawberry ice-cream which was pretty darn amazing 🙂 We decided to use one big candle to signify 50 years instead, because Dad wanted to look young HAHAHA. They are approaching ages whereby the cake is too small to accomodate all the candles omg…. I don’t want to reach the age whereby I have to put 2 big candles sob.

I don’t want to grow up- although I’m looking forward to how I’ll be like at 21. I wonder if my facial features would have changed, whether I’d look more wrinkly, whether I’d be anorexic or still fat as ever, OR WHETHER I’LL HAVE MY BOYFRIEND BESIDE ME IN THE BIG BIG PHOTO

HAHAHAHA so cool to think about it! But holy hell my siblings were all single at 21 so…….??? Omg does that run in the family???

5. CampSTEEL 2

The sunrise at HQ on Day 1. Damn damn damn chio hahaha.

The ladies that were on the ground most of the time during CampSTEEL. The two other girls were Admin members 😦 HAHA. Thankfully I wasn’t the only woman in my company unlike Yixin hehehe. I have such a nice OC 🙂

A platoon photo with Bravo 5/Chiobus! I must say we spent a relatively short time together, but it was still great. It was supplemented by the fact that no assessments were carried out- such that I didn’t have to worry about people disappointed over the ranks they had attained, such that I didn’t have to comfort those who failed their interviews. I am very thankful to have signed up for CampSTEEL 2 despite the fact that I missed E-Learning day and so many lessons (accumulated homework is quite mad), it kinda brought me back to NCC life and how much I enjoyed being in the company and discipline of a uniformed organisation.

I miss cadet life and specialist life very much. That definitely goes without saying 🙂

And of course a picture with my fellow APC 🙂 I am also extremely thankful to have been given the role of a PC this camp. It IS my first time given my active involvement in HQ activities. I never believe that an APC should play the supporting role, PCs/APCs/Attached Specialists should all exercise the same level of command. For that, I hope I haven’t disappointed my APC in any way and I hope he’d have gotten the experience he needed from the camp 🙂

6. NDP Selections

On the MRT train with Yixin because she already uploaded the camwhore at HQ HAHAHA. We went to catch the Lego movie… which I fell asleep in because I was so so so horribly tired and the influx of action in it. Omg. That goes half of my $12.50… since when did GV tickets become so expensive kns

20140307_172349 - Copy
And well happy ORD HAHAHA I am so awkward in this photo I cannot.

Yixin and I passed the selections! Thankfully hahaha it would be so awkward to tell people “Umm ya there were only two of us… but both of us didn’t make it in”. Now that I got into NDP I need to tighten my commitments even further, I guess I’m going to stop piano lessons even earlier than planned and continue next year! If one comes, one has to go of course. I’ll never be able to go out on Saturdays again, too. HAHA.

7. Others

My silver mirror during Chem Practical recently HAHAHA SEXY DAO. Okay la honestly most people had sexiers silver mirrors than me, but YOU CAN SEE MY PHONE REFLECTION!!!! THAT’S PRETTY COOL ISN’T IT?

Okay that’s all everybody I love you and it’s time to study before going to tuition….. God knows what else I can teach when my tutee is already getting A for her tests… sob. But guess what I’m probably the best tutor ever it was a C/D to an A IN A SHORT TWO MONTHS OKAY DOES ANYONE WANNA EMPLOY ME YET? Just that it’s rather ironical how my tutee is getting A for Math… and here I am getting Ds. I am so highly embarrassing sigh.


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