Shit brain

Evidently getting distracted from my work I mean… What’s new? Doing ILTs are really easy when I’m in a rush, like when it’s due the very next day. But when I’m quite free and taking the extra time I have for granted, I really take forever. 😦 should really tighten my schedule so that I’m more productive within the little pockets of free time I get.

So I had this little impulse to talk about this inability of mine since forever: Absorbing in lessons.

I’ve come to realise this really pressing problem of mine recently. I think I never had this problem back in secondary school cause I DON’T LISTEN ANYWAY (Ms Loh said my New Year Resolution for 2013 should be to stop sleeping hehe w h a t???). Now that I’ve become so damn attentive in lessons, I can’t seem to absorb everything/or ANYTHING cause every lesson is a content saturation for me.

More so when my teachers say things like “Remember, it was brought up in the first lecture”… LOL WAIT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE FIRST LECTURE? Furthermore Mr Tan likes to give quizzes based on our existing knowledge of the topic to see where we stand- and I swear I’ll never be able to answer a single question if I don’t read up before lesson. Somehow content that seemed so easy to grasp and understand during the lesson itself just manage to diffuse out of my brain (return flow, you call it in Hydrology). It’s as if I entirely forget what has been taught? Like “oh…. This is quite familiar. I’ve seen it before. But I don’t know what it is.”

Even with copious notes frantically taken down during lectures/tutorials, I seem to have no recollection of what had gone on during the lesson. It’s so depressing because I see my peers so actively engaged during the lesson with their prior knowledge of the content, and there’s me who is busy trying to re-understand concepts that I had once understood.

I know the solution is to read up promptly after lesson, or on the very same day to improve memory retention rates, but on normal weekdays we are all rushing out tutorials! Who would have time to take out their lesson notes from the morning? 😦 another problem of mine: Too reliant on being spoonfed bleah.

I have much complaints about the world today (EG. WHY DOES IT RAIN ON THE DAY I WISH TO SWIM? It has been raining for the w h o l e day.) despite the fact that I got my free Egg McMuffin after a 20-minute queue HAHAHA I am seriously damn cheapo omg.

I was hoping to spare some time this holiday to read a new book or watch a new drama, but with the workload tossed to us it’ll be impossible, even though RV doesn’t have block tests right after March holidays unlike most other JCs. After As… After As… It’ll come soon. It eventually will, anyway. Oh well, I shall not let short-term desires impede my progress in surmounting the big As! All the best for this journey Ng!!!


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