Before I forget

Woah so many events in my life have come and go without me even noticing, just scrolling through my camera roll made me realised that I haven’t been able to blog about them…  So here I am, trying my best to lock up these memories before they fade away permanently.

1. Jiawen’s birthday

Her before hair, which doesn’t really do justice to her broom HAHA.

Well it was pretty much a day of amusement HAHA Yixin and I waited outside the school gate for her (it was meant to be a surprise) and dragged her unwilling soul to the strangest place ever HAHAHA. It was a home salon so along the way she was guessing “are we going to Vivian’s house?” “Weihan’s house?” “Jieling’s house?” “Chenxi’s house?” “Huh who else live near the school….” She looked so lost and soulless trying to guess so hard yet finding no answers at all HAHAHA.

But in the end it was a stranger’s house, a home salon! And we got her a hair fix! Hope you like your new soft and silky hair Jiawen 🙂 hope it doesn’t turn back into a broom that quickly HAHA!!! Although that means you may have to change your blog link permanently 😛 oh and thanks Chua for the free jelly hearts they tasted so good my stomach is leaping up in hunger now HAHAHA.

2. Jia Wen’s birthday

Nope I’m not trying to be an idiot by putting these two events one after another, it happens that they just occur in close proximity hehe! Jia Wen’s birthday planning had started long before March because of her nice friend Edina who wanted to film a birthday video for her hehe. I thought the final product was really good and it was quite nice to see Jia Wen laughing truckloads at her video till her face turned blood red HAHA. It feels really awesome to put in loads of effort in someone’s birthday celebration, basically you just don’t feel like a bad friend and it’s nice to see how it genuinely made her day a lot better.


Camwhoring in class with the face fixture Edina made, it’s used as a prop to act like her in the video, the ultimate bimb HAHHAA

And her board on the day of her birthday! Edina’s expert photoshopping skills replaced Jun Ji Hyun’s face with Jia Wen’s face HAHAHA IT WAS FREAKING PRO PHOTOSHOP I SWEAR. And the stick was made from newspaper, wrapped with my initial PW report hehehe #reducereuserecycle #truegeographer. On the reverse side it spells “I am an 18 year old bimbo” HAHAHA I’m pretty sure it embarrassed her for the whole day even though she refused to hold it up majority of the time 😦 such a horrible person!

Glad you liked your birthday though 🙂 happy 18th to the ultimate bimbo!

3. Exercise Thunder Warrior meet up

This camwhore is damn zai HAHAHA everyone got in. I was actually pretty impressed by the turnout actually, afterall it’s been so long and I guess most people wouldn’t care about meeting up anymore. It’s nice to see how no one really changed, and how we actually merely moved two years ahead with no stark differences in personalities. I had a really heavy dinner that night though, kept me guilty throughout the weekend HAHA.

The dinner was actually the first time during the March holidays that I took a break, I did nothing but work for the first three days of the holidays and I must say I’m pretty impressed with my productivity 🙂 if only I had the similar motivation every weekend too LOL I will never have to worry about tutorials ever again.

I hope we’d be able to meet up soon again, which will likely be after the A Levels though hehe. Much more anticipation for it, obviously!

4. FSD Finals 2014

It took much effort for this shot because we barely knew the juniors in the team and we wanted to borrow their trophies to take this photo HAHA. Always been proud of RVNCC ever since I started spectating FSD competitions five years ago! Congratulations to the guys and girls team for attaining positions of 1st and 3rd NATIONALLY respectively!!! This coveted achievement could be said to be what the unit has been working hard for for a very very long time, and I’m glad they finally achieved it. Better late than never 🙂

5. Dinner with 4G Girls

Similarly like most of our outings, they are usually impromptu and decided one or two days before the outing itself HAHA. This is no different man, we decided the night before and it was pretty surprising how so many people turned up because initially there were only 4 of us confirmed!

I think I could safely say this was one of the best outings ever, in the sense that we actually went full retard around town. We ran from Suntec (where we had Astons) all the way to Esplanade before running to Marina Bay Sands just to see two lights turn off and we were like WHAT IS THAT ALL TO EARTH DAY THAT IS?!?!?! HAHAHA. It was damn amusing too, we ran along the lengths of the floating platform stopping the glowing motorcycles for pictures and stealing their helmets and forcing one another to camwhore with it HAHAHA. Seriously highly embarrassing, but not at all embarrassed LOL.

One of the more decent shots we took LOL.

And not forgetting, the newly-turned-18 Jia Wen playing catching o m f g are you serious. She went around TAPPING RANDOM STRANGERS SHOUTING “CATCH!” just to observe their stunned expressions and it was really FREAKING FUNNY cause her victims looked so annoyed and amused at the same time HAHA.

We perspired like cows walking endlessly for a few hours before ending up at MBS to get some aircon and ice cream hehehe 🙂

Right outside MBS!

Sharing a cup at Au Chocolat HAHA.

I was really thankful for the day, even though I had been tired that morning from NDP Internal Training and PDS Finals. It’ll always be a good day with 4G, and I guess we are pretty lucky that our friendship had really lasted beyond that two years hehe. Thanks for such a retarded night out, love you girls so much xoxo. Sometimes I really feel like I am in a girls’ school, there are barely any guys around me HAHAHA this better not have adverse impacts on my interpersonal skills with the opposite gender in the future LOL.

6. Yixin’s birthday

The last of all birthdays hehehe it started with a plan on WhatsApp… To meet early in the morning since most of us were busy later in the day!

HAHAHA I think our efforts to surprise people are actually very amusing. We used the nominal roll to get to her house and call her house phone / and our surprise was flopped when her grandfather woke her up HAHAHHA. We ran underneath the table to duck, NOT EVEN SURE WHAT WE WERE DUCKING FOR HAHAHAHA WHY WERE WE EVEN TRYING TO HIDE?

And Chua is damn lucky cause she wears nice shirts to sleep so…. Happy birthday Chua, I hope you liked your surprise and a birthday cake for your breakfast that day 🙂 remain voluptuous okay HAHAHA.

Okay that’s all, wanted to blog a lot more about other things but I guess keeping my life events in check is more important for now! Sacrificed quite a fair bit of sleep for this post, hope I don’t regret it when my alarm begins to annoy me again in a few hours’ time 😦

And by the way,

I just downloaded the app today so I must be a lucky asshole. HAHAHA. I shall go to school myself on Friday to claim this free breakfast for myself! HAHA.


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