It’s been a wild ride

I used to be pretty doubtful of seniors who said things like “don’t worry, one last year in RV, it’ll pass very quickly one”. I mean….. You have gone through it, of course it’s fast! But now I think I’m mentally slapping myself for those thoughts. As we slowly approach the last chapters of each subject I think I really get what they mean.

It’s freaking April!!!!! I mean, what the heck. January didn’t even feel that long ago! I think the busier you are with life, the faster time passes. Everyday I just bury myself in books, be it revisional material or just novels… and well, April came really quickly.

And oh well, with April I guess it’s the arrival of Council investiture! I have mentioned it on Instagram but I guess I’ll just repeat it again: for 5 years I have been attending all the council investitures because of the numerous changes in the leadership structure which changes the composition of the General Student Council almost annually. (PSB in Y2, Chairperson in Y3/Y4, House Council in Y5) I still lack the sense of belonging to the school that is supposed to have been inculcated with me with the various roles I’ve undertaken, but I have absolutely no regrets πŸ™‚

And yes, the 32nd SC/35th CC finally stepped down!!! I don’t think I could mention it too blatantly on Instagram….
but I guess I’m really proud of the people around me who stepped down πŸ™‚ not too surprisingly, many of my (better) friends are all in the Council. Kay Vin, Huimin, Weihan, Edina, PSB: Xuan Jim, Vanessa Poh, Kai Xin, Sarah and of course Weixuan, my house capt that I only became close to in JC hehe. (Note: this may be a one-sided friendship LOL)

I really feel so happy for them that they’re stepping down, not because they have immense hatred for the organisation but because they underwent so many challenges over the past 2-5 years! I once read someone’s blog about the CC experience, that “you spend two years working hard to make new initiatives and programmes that no one in the student body genuinely cares about”. I always think that the biggest obstacle to implementing your proposals and plans are not the arduous processes of having to think of fresh new ideas and carry them out, but having to cope with poor responses and being slammed down by authoritative figures who deem it pointless or unrealistic after countless meetings. It’s always the mental barrier that’s the most difficult to overcome, especially with RV Confessions created in Year 5 which further encourages anonymous bashing of the CC. It simply leaves one exasperated, wondering what she/he did wrong and when the student body will finally be satisfied with their efforts.

I feel like I’m constantly being updated with the “Council stories” because of the people around me and their difficulties, so I’m really proud of them for having endured through everything. Like a proud Mum man HAHAHA. Hope you’ve enjoyed your journey with rings and ties all this while πŸ™‚

So here are some pictures with the people who stepped down hehe. (Which really suck in quality by the way, should really fix my HTC purple tint issue soon)


Huimin calls this the “2C shot”, the very group of us who used to attend LCD camps together hehe.

This photo looks slightly weird because of the inaccurate focus of the photo: no my tie is not the focus LOL.

With Goh Kay Vin, president of the Student Council! I may not say it out because of your sky high ego but I’m actually really proud to have been part of your “what happened to being primary school friends” “what happened to being friends/classmates for 8 years” nonsense!

Ok I look like shit in the rest of the photos I’m not gonna upload them HAHA. Congratulations guys and once again, you have finally joined my cool club- THE TIE FREE CLUB!!!

On Saturday, I left to MBS after NDP that morning hehe…. FOR ζž—δΎζ™¨!!!

The woman that went crazy together with me LOL. It was such an impulse buy actually, we only decided to go to the event on the day before and at 8.30pm I marched to the Sistic box at Orchard just to get tickets LOL. Glad we got it though!

My legs are damn fat I’m sorry HAHAHA it’s even worse when I’m standing beside her. Please ignore the horrible eyesore!

I’m really thankful for this photo with her because… she’s such an inspiration omg. Of course, I only got to know her through her drama characters HAHA (ζˆ‘ε―θƒ½δΈδΌšηˆ±δ½ οΌŒε…°ι™΅ηŽ‹) She’s probably one of the most genuine celebrities out there, truly expressing her feelings in interviews (despite the controversies that may arise) and being open about all her relationships even though celebrities don’t usually admit to them. She also held on to her dream of furthering her studies closely, until she amassed enough capital to pursue her post graduate studies in London, something that she has really wanted to achieve for a long time.

Thank you ζž—δΎζ™¨ for being real! And goodness me, you’re so pretty omg.

I guess this post dictated my weekend, as I mentioned everyday has just been drowning in books and innumerable tutorials. JC is really good training for my mental strength, I think I’ll be really thankful after I get through this.

And I hope that I find myself by the end of this journey too πŸ™‚


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