Electric Run

My mom warned me to “better dry your hair before you sleep” “or you will regret when you’re old” so here I am… Trying to stay awake while lying on my lovely bed.

Electric Run was today! This could be considered a long-awaited event, given that we signed up for this so long ago. There were initial discussions on how much we would have drifted apart by then, but I guess all’s cool even though it’s been 4 months from then 🙂 The cost of this initially held me back because it’s a whopping $68 what the heck I could go to a theme park with that! But I  am pretty sure I spent the money well given that it’s my virgin race experience… In slippers HAHHAA 🙂 we just shouted “SWAG SWAG SWAG” to anyone amazed at our footwear HAHHAA.

Stupid things we did:
1. Tapping random people and hiding behind their backs (WTH Tan Jiawen…? Both Jiawens are so similar it’s scarily scary)
2. Opening an umbrella that closed on us by pulling open its flaps LOL
3. Sprinting 100m with our slippers (I think my ankle is sore now)
4. Bump into everyone with our hands hooked.
5. Standing by barricades and hi5-ing everyone who ran past us
6. Plastering our faces above the barricades and zombie smiling at passers by
7. Shouting “NO ACCESS” to people sho were trying to take short cuts by climbing over the barricades
8. Taking selfies of ourselves when other people passed us their phones to take a group photo for them LOL

Near the start point when we still looked fresh and healthy HAHHAA

Taking a photo with the umbrellas which closed on Gracie. OMG HAHAHA it was so retardedly funny we laughed in such high-pitch sounds.

These pictures are two of the millions we took along the race route, camwhoring and taking selfies at almost every checkpoint HAHA it’s like racing to take photos LOL.

I must say that this Electric Run has been a really good experience, even though I can’t appreciate the after party with my differing taste in music. Thankful I signed up for this :’) thanks Gracie Jiawen Nicholas and Zequan for the company today! Hope the race tomorrow will be good for Saturday runners too 🙂

BMT’s POP tomorrow and unfortubately I am not able to attend cause of NDP training 😥 oh well, priorities priorities.

So hi Ooi you are horrible you aren’t replying my messages and YOUR PHONE IS OFF (WHO TURNS OFF THEIR PHONES NOWADAYS?) I’m sorry I can’t be there as I mentioned a few months earlier. I barely know how much you’ve grown from the NS experience with our little interaction these few months, but I expect that you should now be some mature old man!!! Instead of someone who leaves me countless missed calls just to inform me about the highly significant loss of your pencil….

It’s amazing how our friendship lasted through your NCC POP, COC POP and now your BMT POP. Holy crap you’re really getting old. Congratulations on passing out, really hope that I’ll be able to attend your next parade when you’re hopefully decked in white 🙂


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