Gentle reminder to self:

1. Blog about hike / 6S outing / life.

I’ve just gone through what could be considered the greatest weekend thus far this year, and like what Gracie mentioned I actually had withdrawal symptoms from waking up on Saturday, kinda hit by the knowledge that the fun we had on Friday will never repeat itself again. 😦

“You can’t make me different, and then leave.”

I’m quite certain this quote should resonate with nearly all teenagers- and that’s how the book tugged at my heartstrings so well. I spent my weekend reading Looking For Alaska by John Green and I’m really impressed by how the writing really brought the characters alive in my head. I seriously felt my chest tightening at some quotes in the book omg I got so emotionally attached what on earth…? I am usually very attached to drama characters which is perfectly normal (Eg. How can you not fall in love with 邱泽 in 爱情睡醒了?)- but being attached to characters in fictional writing is quite new for me… Goodness me I can’t even spell out my sadness when the main character died. I died inside too.

Right now April is already ending and that’s nearly half the school year gone!!!! That means I’m 11/12 done with RV life LOL. I am pretty excited for May because it’s gonna be the most happening month in this whole year, before everything ceases for A Levels. Man, I could totally own this shit!!! Ng, you need to go out and own that upcoming Geog test, you’ve been owned twice already….!!!

Ok crapping too much don’t think I want to get insomnia again. Had so much trouble sleeping last night thanks to reading a book for 4 hours straight, come I clap for myself…


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