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Life before 甄嬛传 ended

Sincerely apologise for the more than dead blog- I think I’m the only one reading my own blog posts now LOL. I shall try to upload photos / remember past events to the best of my abilities anyway, beacuse my blog is the first place I look to whenever I feel like digging up anything from the past haha.

1. Shakespeare weekend

The tickets for Merchant of Venice were booked WAYYYYY in advance, like bloody WAYYYYYYYY back in January or February. Back then we agreed to keep this day free as an entire class (now that’s quite something yes?) and all of us weren’t even aware that it clashed with Mothers’ Day. Felt so bad when my entire family had to change their schedules to suit mine because I wouldn’t be able to make it for dinner haha. It was a double celebration for my brother’s girlfriend as well πŸ™‚

Dim sum + cake. And no la my family didn’t eat such a small amount of course…. dim sum comes in several rounds afterall HAHA.

Polaroids taken that day hehe.

Mothers’ Day has long passed and gone, but that doesn’t mean my love for my mother diminishes HAHAHA ok shit this is too corny for me to take. I’m thankful for many things: thankful that my mother doesn’t speak/understand English such that she doesn’t stalk me on social media like how I stalk people; thankful that my mother trusts me enough to never ever attend ANY parent-teacher meeting since primary school; thankful that my mother feeds me really really well such that I’m standing at this watermelon weight; thankful that my mother thinks I’m a stingy piece of pork such that she constantly showers me with new/old (valuable) things… eg. unopened wallets/perfumes from her cupboard. Not that I mind anyway. HAHA.

I’m not sure whether it’s unfortunate that both my parents are going to be in the senior citizen category soon (my Dad is bleah) since I was the last to be born. Afterall, I get less time with them compared to my siblings. I shall make the best out of this time though of course: and my only wish for Mothers’ Day would be that my mother remains healthy happy and once again HEALTHY. I don’t want to make repeated visits to the hospital anymore 😦

After the crazily sinful dim sum somewhere at Bugis, I WENT HOME TO TAKE A NAP. WHAT ON EARTH HAHA, then I left house for Merchant of Venice with 6S HEHE. I reached Fort Canning Park really early, and I went ahead to queue up first HAHA. A pity we didn’t get to go on stage to be part of the jury during Antonio’s “pound of flesh” court drama, it would have been a real privilege!

The early bird doesn’t catch the early worm man- we had to wait for the late worms LOL with our auntie-ing grabbing onto 4 picnic mats hoping that our classmates would arrive soon omg.

I actually think my selfie skills are not bad πŸ˜€

After the play / Before we left one another!

We went home swiftly after the play because we had school the next day. Imagine meeting two teachers there knowing that you’ll see them again in less than 12 hours… wah really damn sian. Staying out late on Sundays is not pleasant at all 😦

2. NCC Day Dinner 2014

One word for the day: Fat. Honestly, the food at Chevrons wasn’t even that amazing but I just kept eating because bloody hell it’s free HAHA free food is always the best. It was the first NCC Day Dinner I had ever attended anyway, many have already attended one or two before this LOL. I think it’ll be the last time I recognise so many familiar faces at the dinner be it batchmates, juniors or seniors. After a few more years, I think many of my syndicate mates wouldn’t be active in HQ anymore 😦

3 of us with Shiyuan hehehe on the girls’ side! The others were sitting at the other table πŸ™‚ And of course the complete table HAHA this selfie was so difficult to take man- there were so many moments that were deemed inappropriate LOL.

The two women I relied completely during COC and after, I suddenly realise that it’s a really weird combination HAHA.

RV SHOT WHEEE this is a pretty big family man… ironically dominated by girls HAHA.

3. Affirmation Ceremony in RV + NDP

We went as audiences man not some helper or something… totally spoiling the ambience by wearing PE shirts and trash HAHA. But still, must show support man!

My hair looks really long here, snipped it off already hehehe so happy that my bun is finally getting skinnier.

NDP HEHE!! Selfie with the Sea & Air Contingent πŸ™‚

My every Saturday for about 2 months already…. (excluding the exam period). Currently enjoying it but I think it’ll get really difficult when August approaches. Cross fingers, let’s hope I’ll be able to cope well πŸ™‚

4. Birthdays

Edina’s birthday planning came so damn last minute cause of the Chem Test on Monday (which I screwed up pretty badly #sian #”Huiping you underperformed” #sian), but nevertheless I really liked the end product and I hope Edina likes it too hehe.

The people who helped out a great lot in the present! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the photobook πŸ™‚ especially those who decorated it so so so nicely omg even nicer than the cover itself!

Our presents for her hehe hope she loves them…!! Posting this picture as if I’m the one who received the gift HAHA.

And Edina’s treat to dessert HAHAHA a pity the serving size was so damn small how do you satisfy such a big eater like me actually…?


Han En’s birthday!

I look like some bloody shit with buck teeth that has yet to wake up omg such a horrible photo but unfortunately the only photo 😦

Anyway won’t be typing anything here because these two people don’t read my blog (I think HAHA), everything’s already written on the card for them anyway :’) Love executing birthday plans because they make people so happy and that makes you really happy as well. Time to start stressing over the upcoming birthdays.

Goodness me uploading photos always make me so tired because it’s been such a long time since I blogged… given that every minute of free time for the past month has been dedicated to 甄嬛传 and 甄嬛传 only. I can’t believe I finished the SEVENTY-SIX-EPISODE drama already omg I’ve been rewatching the last 5 minutes of the drama because it flashbacks 甄嬛’s life from Episode 1 to 76 and how much she has changed in the palace…… damn it. I’m suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms post-drama- for the entire day during NDP today (and when I was standing in sedia position for about 15 minutes) I kept thinking “What if ζžœε›ηŽ‹ actually knew that 甄嬛’s kids were his from the very beginning????” I got so sad and heartbroken when I remembered that he passed away before she managed to tell him the truth. I cried so hard when he died :((( what a tragic ending to a beautiful love story. Freaking stupid dramas making me so emotional LOL.

Ok sorry this is alien language to probably 99% of people who aren’t as tiong-infused as I am… I know I am over-reacting to a drama but seriously man I think I should just go live in the drama…

OK I’ve spent long enough time slacking- just watched The Great Gatsby which was 10000 times better than the book (and made my sister extremely pissed off cause “Daisy is damn screwed up” as quoted), can’t deny that today has been a very good day πŸ™‚ I mean, yesterday was really bad, I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen (seriously omg)…. over a man….. in a drama hehehe. I hope that in this lifetime I’ll cry over fictional men and fictional men only πŸ™‚



This is probably some new record since PSLE went by or something LOL. Okay I have been watching 甄嬛传 in every little bit of free time- the 10 minutes before classes start, the 30 minute train ride home… LOL. I truly realise how much time I waste on transportation and doing shit everyday- I can easily watch up to 3 episodes before reaching home at 4. What on earth where does my time go usually???

But OMG HAHA I can’t believe I just went by 2 weeks without complaining about nonsense….??????? Actually I do have a lot to complain about, like how screwed up I feel when left alone walking along Sentosa just today… and how screwed up I feel tiding by days when the feelings of loneliness intensify so bad.

It’s really difficult to spell out where and how these emotions develop πŸ˜₯ I want to get rid of them so bad.

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight”

I’m truly scared. Something is terribly wrong if I’m not; I’m struggling to stay adrift, struggling so hard. “She’s more hardworking than smart” “effort eventually pays off more than talent”, these little messages can keep me going but not forever.

Frankly, where do people truly find the time to put in the effort for everything? My Humanities subjects combined (already) take up so much of my time, leaving little for the rest. It’s unsurprising if I do badly for the others that I considerably “neglected”, but the truth is my Humanities subjects aren’t doing very spectacularly either. Where did my effort go to?

When grades take up such large slices of my self-esteem (wow concepts of CPI ringing in my head now), it IS inevitable that my self-confidence gets threatened by my development of an inferiority complex. How do I continue believing in myself? I’m rather optimistic, but this optimism can’t land me a spot in university. It can’t.

Sigh, I wonder how many more posts I’m gonna be crafting for my grades and grades alone. There exists a limit I can do this- I guess I’m already nearing the point when people get so annoyed about my incessant whining.

I’d like to establish myself as someone smart, or someone who thinks through her actions before doing anything. I’d hope that people don’t consider me as impulsive, bimbotic, or simply an idiot. But looking at my own work… maybe I was made an idiot.

Sigh, sigh, sigh all the time. Edina just told me that I have a lot less hair all of a sudden. 😦 please don’t bald my dear you’re only 17.

Life for the past 2 weeks

So backdated on my life gahahaha because whenever I get a chance to click on “WordPress” this whole week I just have loads of hate and negativity to let go… SO MUCH RANTING and so much hate. There was only one test the entire week but I’VE BEEN SO DAMN CRANKY HAHA. Ok I’m starting to have this habit of neglecting my WordPress cause of Instagram/Facebook again- which is a really bad habit oops.


1. Hike/Class Outing

HAHAHA THIS WAS SO LONG AGO I can’t recall. It has got to be the best “Sports Carnival” I’ve ever experienced I guess, especially since it rained last year leading to the cancellation of all the sporting events. We were burning under the sun the entire trail- so much that almost 5 umbrellas were opened in the first km of the hike HAHA. Time passed pretty quickly and I felt so….. worked out hehe. Really thankful to all the teachers for treating us to food/drinks the entire walk and AFTER the walk, Mr Sng/Mr Lawrence/Mr Tan. Teachers aren’t really very rich I think… this must be a pretty large expense given that there’s so many of us HAHA.

The mandatory selfie that we took for the “selfie contest” at the final checkpoint, ok now what happened to it I thought there were prizes or something? HAHAHA.

After the hike I went home to sleep and prepare for class outing LOL and I died going home cause I needed to shit so badly. Omg I can’t even begin to describe this feeling, it hasn’t been so intense in a long time I swear HAHAHA. I (stupidly?) alighted from the bus early because I really couldn’t tolerate the crawling bus anymore; my shit was literally inching out with every step. It sucks the most when you have to act normal when you walk past people GOOD GOD the moment I entered the lift ALONE I became a weirdo and started twisting my body in the oddest shapes. The nearer you are to home, the more unbearable it is.

Ok besides the shit, I recall taking a 3-hour nap before waking up to leave the house for our class outing at night hehehe!

It was my first time at Marche (suaku enough?) and I think I was pretty filled from eating food portions from everyone HAHAHA. I think it’s quite admirable how we can actually go out as a class (almost everyone went!) because that has never happened in Years 1-4, as there will definitely be people who aren’t so enthusiastic about such gatherings. We are probably the oddest combination of people put together with the oddest combinations and it is definitely something to be able to knit so closely within a short span of 1.5 years πŸ™‚

Okay I think I look nice in this picture that’s why I’m uploading it HAHAHA I’m quite thankful 6S has many 4G members too LOL it’s nearly 1/3 of the class hehehe ;)))

Went home rather early given that we met really late (and the nature of people being even later). 6S would be meeting this Sunday for Merchant of Venice again hehehe really excited, especially since EVERYONE IS ATTENDING!!! Gosh, I haven’t seen a class with complete attendance in any class gatherings before. Glad to have watched the movie, that said I hope that it’ll be easier for me to understand HAHA.

2. Revel Fest

This was different from the previous years- it was on a Tuesday omg. Who holds events on Tuesdays?! Thankfully there weren’t many tests that week so we could afford time to prepare fanboards for Annqing HAHA.

(Hard at work) while I camwhore due to my amazing skills of drawing circle Chinese words. I contributed with the photos and ideas… not that bad okay HAHA.

I have no idea how we took 2 hours doing this up, but we rushed down to queue right after we were finished and I’m glad to say that we managed to snap up pretty good seats LOL. (in our order of rows) Jieling sat in the 1st row, Jiawen in the 2nd, Yixin in the 3rd while Chenxi and I were in the 4th row. Totally distributed ourselves to cheer HAHAHA. The performances were really good that night, especially since most of the performers (and audiences) were from Year 6. It felt like the school belonged to us and there’s just this sense of “level pride”… yeah.

Annqing did really well :’) I don’t think she’ll ever see this but aw man I totally remember the times when we used to KBox together and she would put in SO MUCH EMOTIONS IN HER SINGING while I simply sound like a squeaking duck HAHA. I can understand (ouch) why I got rejected by Choir, but man they totally missed a talent like her πŸ™‚

Photo as credited HAHA. Congratulations CHAMPION FOR CHINESE VOCALS, even though you’ll probably never see this HAHA. Definitely proud to be your friend and your platoonmate of 4 years πŸ™‚

3. Ventures Campfire

I really love campfires ever since I attended the Scouts Campfire in Year 1 with Alpha ’09 LOL. I was really happy that this campfire was opened to our entire level- or rather pertaining to the Senior High. No offence, but I’ve always been wanting something that signifies a unique JC life- not events constantly mixed in with people who I can barely relate to. I’m not trying to act all-so-mature here, but there’s just this inevitable gap that would form between seniors and juniors who are MANY YEARS APART and nothing can beat what feels like a close-knitted JC community.

6S people hehehe we were missing so many- walao so many people signed up and didn’t turn up in the end HAHA or else this picture would have been a lot bigger 😦

A photo with the giraffe! I think you silently stalk me… so… I’ve been telling you to stop growing every year, but it evidently hasn’t been working well hehehe you are still spurting higher and higher. You were a measuring cylinder, and now you are a burette 😦

With Tan and Chua :))) Can’t wait for the pictures from the photo booth to be uploaded- I took like 3 to 4 with the official camera HAHA they’re gonna see so much of my face…!!! Also, the platoon picture too hehe.

Huge thanks to the Ventures for having organised this campfire which really brought me back into memory lane. It’s not so much of being a kid of the 90s, but more of the Year 1 memories when I actively involved myself in EVERY campfire, cheering my guts out as a silly Year 1 hahaha. I must have been judged pretty badly then but oh well, everyone was silly once hehehe πŸ™‚ And those silly times have made really good memories for me!

4. Misc

photo 4
CHEM SPA IS OVER HAHA. Since H2 Chem is the only Science subject I’m taking, that spells the end to all practicals and to the end of wearing the horribly heavy safety goggles! It makes my nose so oily all the time sheesh. I also kinda realised I have never washed my personal safety goggles before…. ok that’s quite gross given that I’m always sweaty on Fridays HAHA.

It’s quite sad because we are slowly approaching all our lasts in RV. Last ReVel Fest, last Chem practical, last campfire, last, last, last. I bear loads of discontent and grudges against the school for all the ridiculous things they attempt to enforce, but there’s always the other side of the coin. And that’s the friends and all the interesting activities I will really miss.

Ok I’m so sleepy and my eyelids are so heavy……. and my eyebags are really heavy too. Had a late night and yet I had a really long day WITHOUT MY DAILY 3 HOUR NAP 😦 Sorry for the bad English throughout this entire post I don’t have enough brain capacity to think of better words and better sentence structures….. ok I’m so excited to sleep good night.

It sucks man

Almost died yesterday night because I was so freaking demoralized flipping through the syllabus document, realizing that I don’t know how the hell I can describe ‘Westerlies’ and how much I will pee in my pants if a descriptive question on that is thrown tomorrow.

I haven’t been so stressed about this subject in such a long while because with effort it never came across as much of a worry to me. But now it’s totally different: I absolutely do not think that my effort is insufficient for the past few tests, even if I may not be the best I shouldn’t freaking do so badly right??? I’m so freaking desperate just SO FREAKING DESPERATE to prove to myself that I can do it for once instead of being subjected to my horrible percentile of 13, which effectively means bottom 5 of the class.

It’s inaccurate to let your grades define who you are as a person and how intelligent you are but nope who the hell likes a percentile of 13? Even if you know yourself to be better than that it will obviously suck if you take pride in your work.

I hate how I start casting doubts on whether my subject combination is the most appropriate for me and how I could possibly be better off taking on a subject that doesn’t require every weekend of mine writing essays after essays. Yesterday night I was so overwhelmed with the temptation to drop it to a H1, not that it’ll be easier but the content will be shaved off by half!!!! THAT’S frankly, a hell lot given that I’m already stressing out so much over what…? Two chapters?

Ok no use ranting these few minutes could be obviously put to better use. Perhaps it might change well it might IT MIGHT I MUST be positive NG YOU CAN DO THIS. Can’t wait for this week to be over.

Strapped wings

Lying on my bed awake at 1.03am knowing I’ll definitely regret this tomorrow morning:

I’ve been really irritable the whole week, getting pissed, frustrated and being overwhelmed by negative emotions easily. I haven’t been more vulgar the whole year than this entire week, too. It says a lot when I publish two rants consecutively- I personally feel that I’m one who hates to show others how weak I am and that probably goes to show how bad my week has been.

School has sucked particularly this week, no doubt. I think it’s going to get worse from here though, have got a pretty bad feeling about tomorrow. But I’ll suck it up, cause I am from RV. lol.

Time to get rid of all the negativity and hate, no use wasting my energy and weak heart on people who deserve a place in the dump! Man if this is not PMS I don’t know what is.