Strapped wings

Lying on my bed awake at 1.03am knowing I’ll definitely regret this tomorrow morning:

I’ve been really irritable the whole week, getting pissed, frustrated and being overwhelmed by negative emotions easily. I haven’t been more vulgar the whole year than this entire week, too. It says a lot when I publish two rants consecutively- I personally feel that I’m one who hates to show others how weak I am and that probably goes to show how bad my week has been.

School has sucked particularly this week, no doubt. I think it’s going to get worse from here though, have got a pretty bad feeling about tomorrow. But I’ll suck it up, cause I am from RV. lol.

Time to get rid of all the negativity and hate, no use wasting my energy and weak heart on people who deserve a place in the dump! Man if this is not PMS I don’t know what is.


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