This is probably some new record since PSLE went by or something LOL. Okay I have been watching 甄嬛传 in every little bit of free time- the 10 minutes before classes start, the 30 minute train ride home… LOL. I truly realise how much time I waste on transportation and doing shit everyday- I can easily watch up to 3 episodes before reaching home at 4. What on earth where does my time go usually???

But OMG HAHA I can’t believe I just went by 2 weeks without complaining about nonsense….??????? Actually I do have a lot to complain about, like how screwed up I feel when left alone walking along Sentosa just today… and how screwed up I feel tiding by days when the feelings of loneliness intensify so bad.

It’s really difficult to spell out where and how these emotions develop 😥 I want to get rid of them so bad.


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