If everyday could be like this

I stubbornly refused to do work the entire day.

I woke up at 10am gleeful at the 10-hour interrupted sleep, plonked my ass on my sister’s chair watching 甄嬛传 interviews/Chinese MVs for about 2-3 hours, ate, read The Bathing Women, went out to eat Waraku (which my Mom relented and treated in the end- I’m really fat now and I’m really worried), came home to stalk myself on Facebook and reminiscing about my past overseas trips, watched Red Cliff, continued reading The Bathing Women and now at 1am I am blogging sleepily on bed.

I did a recollection and I realised this is probably one of the days (or possibly the only one) with 0 Z E R O 0 work done throughout the year. Even with NDP trainings or 6pm days I make sure to get some work done by the end of the day. Man, I really kissed today away. Do I regret it? No. I’m really glad since this is a reminder of the life I’m working hard for.. freaking A levels will be over in less than half a year and this is real big shit man. No more completely free days!

I might just be able to do this… URGH let’s go. And I guess it’s also high time I bid farewell to what’s been causing me much unhappiness all these time. I am very well aware that it’s not worth it, but it can’t be helped…


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