New fangirl of an old film

Spent the entire night (or midnight) watching The Shawshank Redemption which totally led me to question my choices of movies for the past 17 years of my life.

To put it simply, it’s clear why it is first position on IMDB and 91% on Rotten Tomatoes! Omg! Why did I take so long to catch it?

I usually stop midway through movies because I get so sleepy, but today I was so exceptionally annoyed when my TV hanged on me- DUDE CAN YOU SEE WE ARE GETTING TO THE CLIMAX? It was good literally every minute- in the development of characters, the plot, the unending effort he took to route his escape… W o w, really.

Shit is this a movie withdrawal I’m getting? He’s so smart……. Although he’s just a fictitious character but still, ahhh geniuses living in the era before I was even born!

I think I have a thing for old movies. Titanic, Pride and Prejudice (although not exactly old), Sense and Sensibility and now this HAHA. Good movie plots are getting tougher man!

It’s gonna be tough sleeping tonight… you simply don’t watch a good film or read a good book before you sleep omg 😦 once bitten, not shy yet.

Today was really slack for me (Chenxi’s birthday before sleeping the day away) and I guess I’ll regret when Prelims start 😦 time to get my ass moving to mug it off!!!

DU TO THE LAN 2.50AM RIGHT HERE AND I CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE THE WIND IS DAMN NOISY. My whole family got awakened zzz shut up wind. Surprised my windows haven’t been blown down yet.


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