No not the end of Prelims 1

Heart is literally crying at all the “post CTs” “end of Prelims 1” on Instagram. Thank god I don’t have Twitter (at the moment la) to depress me even further. And thank god 90% of 6S ends papers on the last day too hehe.

What used to be a filled Starbucks with the congregation of students from almost every JC in the West has become so damn empty omg. I could go (empty) table hopping today I swear- I was the only JC student still mugging away on a Friday night WTH??

Then I wonder whether I’d have appreciated it if exams ended now now now but no I didn’t start on Human Geog until today (courting death btw Geog god and reading god please bless me with superb absorbing abilities) so I guess I should appreciate the (little) extra time I have to study!

Anyway I can’t wait for exams to be over to resume listening to my Chinese songs what on earth I AM SO SICK OF CLASSICAL MUSIC LOL I’ve listened to every track a dozen times omg. Not trying to be retarded by the way, research says Baroque music improves your memory retention rates by like 20% and who doesn’t know students like me are desperate…??? Man, if this works I swear I’d listen to classical music 24/7 HAHAHA

This weekend’s gonna be intensive but the next weekend is gonna be intensive dramaing before intensive mugging for Prelims 2 hehe, yeah Ng you could totally do this!!!!

Let’s go let’s go you worked so hard already don’t stop!!!!!!

Ok pointless post award goes to me just had to rant somewhere about the emptiness of Starbucks can’t I 😦


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