Lately I’ve been feeling pretty apologetic to my piano teacher because I’ve been turning up to my lessons pretty half-hearted with my last minute practice sessions before lessons, which makes me sound like a child jamming on piano keys. I’d love to learn how to play the piano so much, but as the big As loom nearer I can’t help but to give up on this very something that I’ve grown to really love. Specifically, I’ll be halting my lessons end July, which ties in nicely with the start of my teacher’s motherhood now that she’s 4-5 months pregnant (and btw her tummy is still smaller than me wtf).

I started only last May because I never really took an interest to music until one day I really yearned to play all the drama OSTs I have been listening to. Within a year I definitely haven’t accomplished much, but I’ve learnt enough to play a few songs I love and that’s already a considerable achievement for me given that I had zero musical background when I started.

Now that lessons are ending soon, I’m not sure how to react because I might never go back again and I’ll forever be stuck in this “1-year of piano lessons” stage that is definitely insufficient. Furtthermore, my teacher is likely to stop teaching because she needs to raise her kids, and music teachers require a sort of affinity…. I don’t know. It wouldn’t be the same with another teacher, I guess. Or perhaps it’s just an excuse I’m giving myself.

If I get a chance to study overseas, I’d still want to pursue piano lessons. I will make sure to continue my journey in piano when I’m in university, even though I’m getting really old for a new student already 😦


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