I’m bored teehee

If there’s one thing I can’t stand-

It’s misplacing my things wtf. Even losing a pen pisses me off so much- and in 2-3 months I’ve lost BOTH my BlackBerry and Samsung USB port, kill me please. My short BlackBerry port was always my favourite- it’s so convenient to bring around with the overweight portable charger because it was frigging SHORT and FAT, doesn’t break at the corner easily unlike the noob HTC wires. And then all the Apple iPhone 4 and iPod and iPad and whatever USB ports start appearing all around the house, except my USB port.

What’s worse is it’s always been attached to my computer, which means someone in my family took it out without my knowledge and then lost it for me. Omg so pekcek I need 20 eggs to throw right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I now supposed to pay for something that someone else lost FOR ME?????? WORDPRESS WHERE ARE THE EMOJIS I NEED???

Other than this pissing incident to start off a post (which really pisses me off wtf?????), happier things to note include… my grades??? I mean, what else can I talk about when it’s 98 days to the A Levels? HAHAHA.

Actually my grades are far from perfect but I must say it’s arguably the best set of results I’ve received in my entire JC life. Not straight As, not even a few LOL but I’m satisfied. It’s uncomparable to my Year 1 to 4 results of course (wonder how I managed to score like… 99 PERCENTILE LOL SERIOUSLY???), but it just feels pretty sweet because effort is finally paying off. My Starbucks weekends and $200+++ spent on frappucinos for the entire year are more justifiable now hehe 🙂 And it’s going to continue! I must say good results propel me to work harder than a shitty set of SUSUs, finally bade farewell to failing tests after tests. Please don’t come back.

On a side note, I really really hope to be able to go abroad for my studies. It means that I’ll be swimming in a pool of the cream of the crop, but that acts little as a deterrent to my wishes. Being away from home for such a long duration does scare me, but the prospect of possibly having new experiences in a completely foreign environment is really extremely encouraging 🙂 That desire alone is strong enough to power me with the motivation to continue working hard for the next few months. Really hope I won’t look back at this post one year later and find out that all these had just been empty talk 😦 I’m increasingly surrounded by people who have the opportunities to study abroad and it makes me really really envious.

Can’t wait to finish the syllabus so that I can REALLY begin on revising learnt content every single day instead of (still) rushing out tutorials. Sounds freaking mugger and disgusting but I am secretly happy that NDP is ending so that I can study at Starbucks on Saturdays…. HAHAHA GUESS THAT’S GOOD I’m starting to enjoy studying is it too late?

But ah, won’t deny that I’ll miss NDP man. Can’t believe it’s 2 more shows to the end of it… training started as early as March and I can’t believe it’s ALL ENDING??? I guess I’ll do up a proper post when it actually ends. Bloody scary how did the year zoom pass? It’s August soon….. and Term 3 is flying by as usual. LOL crazy shit it’s a mere double digit count to A Levels now. Madness.

GONNA WATCH A MOVIE BEFORE I SLEEP HORRIBLE PRIORITIES BUT BYE. I’m not sure when I’ll appear on this site again HAHA. Last piano lesson in two days 😦


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