October 2, 2014

Today was a pretty strange day,

Mom called home at night to ask about my results (?!)- she hasn’t done that ever since primary school, maybe sometimes she might just ask me at home in passing but this time she went down to the specificity of every subject. “How many marks?” “HUH SO LOUSY AH?” (er evidently still living in the primary school era when only Band 1 was acceptable or something). Fortunately (or unfortunately) only GP was returned, but I didn’t do too well… and I honestly think she was secretly happy.

Then she went on to say (in Chinese) “actually you don’t need to be too stressed” / “国大不是好” “南大也是很好吗很方便不麻烦” / “尽力就够了”, presumably trying to discourage me from going overseas. I once thought she really encouraged me to, I mean she does get a lot of bragging rights no?! “我的女儿出国读,哎呀是难啦,不过努力就好lor” OMG I CAN TOTALLY HEAR HER SAYING THAT??? but I guess there are two sides to the coin… Let’s just say she’s dropping subtle hints to tell me that she will miss me hehe. I’m not denying that I’m gonna miss home a hell lot too IF I do study overseas, especially when my parents are already pretty old… By the time I’m back my Dad would be 60…?!?! And my mom would be approaching that age, too.

But I’ll just strive for what I want. I’m glad my parents brought me up to be an independent thinker, to carry out my own decisions and do whatever I want at my own free will as long as I return home at the end of the day. That’s risky parenting but I think I’ve learnt a lot, and today I’m extremely thankful for it.

Ok good night while my non-existent balls are shrinking for tomorrow, quite afraid that I don’t do well for Geography because c’mon I’m pursuing a degree in geography, right?! The rest of the papers…. Er…. Maybe I’ll start to worry about it tomorrow morning.


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