2 papers tomorrow

Not sure which genius in SEAB decided to plant such a combination, like Chem Paper 3 AND Geog Paper 1 on the same day because both are so terribly memory intensive..!!! Not even complaining about 5 papers in 4 days, and I wonder why people are complaining about 3 consecutive days of papers 😦 can I be envious of you?


Am really happy these few days cause

1. Can’t believe I’m done with GP, Math and Econs, I think I’ll miss complaining about these subjects 😥 I foresee myself missing studying already.

2. Barista at Starbucks gave me free cheesecake 🙂 / the very barista who exclaimed “she bought a drink already!” to a woman who tried to chase me away. Baristas all over Singapore are probably pissed off at seat hoggers but… they’re still so nice to me 😦

3. Baristas asking me “today no school ah?” “What are you studying today?” “Mocha frap?” I mean, it sounds retarded that I’m saying this, but they’re so nice to strangers!!! It really feels like my second home oh man 😥

4. I said “all the best” to a girl who was studying beside me today / and she gave me a sweet before she left. Pirated hi chew 🙂 free cheesecake and free sweets!

5. I’m eating macdonalds tonight no one cares about calories guess how much I’m craving for it NOPE YOU CAN’T GUESS I’M CRAVING FOR IT TOO MUCH


But I’m also sad because

1. I’m as unfit as a snail.
2. I nearly sprained my ankle running for the damn bus zzzzz
3. Most people are done with 99% of their exams… Geog’s eating up my soul.

But that’s fine. I have held on so long (studied as early as April respect myself much) I can pull through for the final lap.

Goodbye while I enjoy my macdonalds over some global warming.


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