Back from HK and BKK

This marks the end of the two overseas trips I have been so eagerly planning and booking over the past few months. Plans were made as early as August, flight tickets were booked even before promotions came about, anticipation had been built up for a long, long time.

I think the dictionary should have come up with another synonym for “thankful” and “grateful” because I am running out of words to use. I have truly been so blessed on all my travel journeys. Hong Kong just two weeks ago gave me the opportunity to bungee jump, something I have always set as a “life goal”. It allowed me to revisit the place I once enjoyed so much in 2010, to visit my relatives whose wedding I attended back in 2004 (and they already have a 7 year old daughter!). I even managed to attend a parade and sneak into the Police Training School to meet old acquaintances and forge new ones. Along with feeling lost and hopeless in a new city, I learnt a lot about travelling by yourself, to navigate around MTRs, to remember to alight from the bus, and to learn “excuse me” and “sorry” in the country’s language. Truth be told, those words weren’t really helpful because people push and shove in HK. That was something really ugly that was highlighted as we travelled around ourselves. They said travelling is a more valuable experience than going to school, and truly I’ve learnt a lot.

Bangkok was a stark contrast to the clean and orderly streets in Hong Kong (with many walking sticks and splitter islands). On the way to the hotel I witnessed the manifestation of slums right beside expressways, streets were congested and smelly, and the air was really really bad. I saw hanging telephone lines that aren’t even present in Singapore anymore. Taxi and tuk tuk drivers go all out to scam your money and even so, the journeys are still extremely affordable. Eg. 200 baht was a huge scam for a pretty long journey, but that was only a total $8 for 6 people. Beggars sprawl along the streets with their coin boxes and tin boxes, disabled people limp to your table to beg for money. Although these sights aren’t new, they were extremely common and it felt morally wrong to be endlessly shopping, holding our large hauls and food, camwhoring with large smartphone, while they were begging for that little bit of coins from us just to feed themselves for another night.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and where I’d always choose to stay for a lifetime, I’ve learnt a lot about the differing struggles that women face in different countries, and it has made me really thankful as a whole. As a concluding statement, I can’t wait to travel again. 🙂

Let’s hope I won’t be that lazy, and that I’ll blog about these trips eventually. 🙂


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