Bangkok 2014

Bangkok, Thailand (6th to 10th December 2014)

Similar to Hong Kong, this trip was planned early in August/September. After the National Day celebrations in school (which I still HAVEN’T blogged about HAHAHA), the group of us 4G girls proposed a grad trip! We had many ideas originally: cruise on Royal Carribean, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, it was endless. I remember one person (can’t remember who) was saying that despite all the proposals, we’d probably won’t be able to make it in the end. Cathy, Yujie and Yifei had to go back to China early December; Edina and Gracie were already going to Korea which meant low budget; Prom was on 4th December; Jiawen had SATs on 6th December and I was leaving for Hong Kong right after As. But we didn’t give up! We continued searching for cruise trips that left within our travel window of Dec 5/7 to Dec 12, and there weren’t any. Either that, or they were too expensive. Not sure how or when, but we eventually decided on going to Bangkok, and the dates with the cheapest and most feasible travel timings were on 6th December and 10th December. Leave in the morning (about 11am) and arrive at night (about 9pm). No midnight cabs or strange travel timings, and that sounded good. Edina’s parents were coming along because many of us wouldn’t be able to go (eg. Jolyn Yujie) if parents were not present. Szemin’s parents would be joining her at the end of the trip (i.e. when we return) because Bangkok was supposed to be their destination for their holiday trip. That sounds all smooth and good and we were ready to book! But throughout these entire few months, we met with so many problems.

1. Yifei and Jolyn wouldn’t be able to join us because of their own trips. Vivian herself was going to Bangkok with her family, and had already booked tickets.
2. Jiawen suddenly couldn’t make it because her parents got pissed off with her.
3. Yujie’s passport was expiring which meant that she was not able to book an international flight at that point in time (and budget airline being budget, what if seats run out?)

It got really annoying and frustrating because honestly, details wouldn’t be confirmed until flights and hotels are booked. But we went ahead with the booking for Edina, I, and her parents. That means the details for us were confirmed! Szemin’s parents booked the flight for her too, which meant 3 of us were confirmed. Eventually, Jiawen parents allowed her on the trip but only if they went together. So that’s another set of parents on the trip, LOL. Cathy was set to go with Jiawen and because of her SATs, she would be joining us one day later on 7th December. So technically, we only had 4 days together. Flights and hotels were booked, and thankfully seats were still available by the time Yujie renewed her passport. After much contemplation and irritation (LOL), we decided to stay at the same hotel at Centrepoint Petchburi 15, where I booked the hotel rooms for 4 of us (Szemin, Edina, Yujie and I) and Edina’s parents. So all of us were set to go to Bangkok, where we stayed at the same hotel. The grad trip was finally confirmed! It was rather pricey because of the hotel, but the total expenses for flight + hotel in SGD came up to about SGD401.

Before and after Prom, we did some itinerary planning on Google Docs on where we were going to go, as well as the relevant information about tourist SIM cards, travel information, and cab information. We got really stoked and excited because it was just endless and mindless food and shopping, and ALL of us were girls. Growing up with the same retarded group of friends means that we have similar interests and rather similar tastes in clothes, as well as preferring the same type of entertainment. Unfortunately, more problems had to crop up.

4. Cathy didn’t manage to collect her passport from the China Embassy on 5th December (Friday), and she was bound to fly on 7th December (Sunday). The embassy wasn’t open on weekends. It was too much of a coincidence: Yujie wasn’t there when Cathy mentioned during the sleepover that she wasn’t collecting her passport that day, because if Yujie was there, she would have known that the embassy does not open on weekends. In other words, it meant that she wouldn’t be able to fly with Jiawen on Sunday. That night, we called up the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ICA, the embassy, and almost every available platform so many times. It got to the extent whereby the MFA staff mentioned “sorry, but did you make a similar call earlier?” Nothing could be done though, and the most plausible solution was to change her flight details to Monday night, which was the only available slot. By then, we’d only be left with 1.5 full days in Bangkok together, and let’s just say it was quite upsetting! Can’t blame anyone though, at least I know I will never make such mistakes again. πŸ™‚ Let’s just be thankful that we get the opportunity to travel.

So… 4 of us were set to go. I would think that we weren’t really unhappy though, what’s done is done and I guess the only available option was to enjoy ourselves to the fullest!

The emptiness of my luggage after having packed EVERYTHING. All that room for more shopping!!! I didn’t purchase prepaid baggage for departure, but I purchased 15kg of check-in luggage for arrival. All for my luggage to gain weight during the trip hehehe.

Day 1

For the first time in my life, I took a MRT to Changi Airport! It really felt like independent travel then: squeezing and wheeling my luggage through the barricades of the MRT, getting on the escalator and bumping into many people since it was quite the peak hour. Hehehe.

All 3 of us were poor blokes who had to take the train (just kidding hehe). We coincidentally had (rather) pretty luggages, and we got seats beyond town area!!! Sat down, camwhored, made noises on WhatsApp all the way to Changi Airport πŸ™‚

We were too early. Were we too excited? We were waiting for Princess Edina to arrive with her parents HAHAHA. After that, we ate at the airport canteen, checked in and did some airport shopping… like real.

After entering the departure gate!!!

In our super casual clothes we walked into branded stores (eg. Gucci, Miu Miu) shamelessly, and I think the service staff didn’t even want to serve us HAHAHA we obviously looked like people who weren’t gonna purchase anything. Decided to spare the bored service staff who had to follow us around the shop, and we went to camwhore with the thousands of set ups and decorations all over the airport!!

Mickey, an airplane and a Christmas Home respectively. The airplane mascot walked to us and Yujie screamed “OMG SASHIMI” and ran away from it HAHAHA we were kinda caught unaware because we were camwhoring, and it was quite funny. We played around with the Mascot because it was really cute HAHAHA. We asked “Are you short?” and it nodded. We pointed to Edina and asked “Shorter than her?” and the mascot shook its head. HAHAHA TOO CUTE AND TOO FUNNY, had such a good laugh at the airport.

After that, we rested at the airport lounge for a while before boarding!

We didn’t select seats, but thankfully we were still able to sit together due to our early checkin πŸ™‚ It was a 2 hour plane ride (really short) to Bangkok, and I slept through it hehehe.

Upon arrival, we settled our tourist SIM cards, Yujie did her VISA on arrival, and we took the airport skytrain to the airport link (Ratchaprapop?) nearest to our hotel. Subsequently, we sat a Tuktuk to our hotel hehe, squeezing with all our luggages. It was still early in the afternoon and we were quite thankful we still had quite a large amount of time to walk around and do shit πŸ™‚

On the tuktuk. Tourists, so you get amazed by everything about a country on Day 1. Reckless drivers and crazy fast tuk-tuks… it felt good to be on them man. πŸ™‚ Although it was quiet scary because the tuktuks may bring you anywhere to sell… LOL. Can’t deny that we couldn’t get rid of this nagging fear. “What if we get abducted?” “What if we get kidnapped?”

Settled down at the airport, checked in, and decided to just head downstairs to explore our neighbourhood! Within 15 minutes we had so much food on us, because honestly they were damn bloody cheap. Even if you get scammed, it’s still cheap. LOL.

Our first purchase: chicken! Sadly, it wasn’t hot and crispy as I would have expected it to be.

We went to this Tom Yam restaurant called P’Aor Restaurant if I recall correctly. Research on Google says that they offer the “Best Tom Yam in Thailand”, which I really liked. I liked the fact that the soup was 3 things at once: sweet, sour and spicy! Furthermore, you controlled your own threshold. You choose the amount of chilli powder that you wanted to add, and I added quite minimal hehehe didn’t want to destroy the taste of the soup! Omg, I’d definitely go back for more. Unfortunately it was a very very long walk from our hotel (~30 minutes?) via GPS, and there were definitely nearer eateries selling Tom Yam too. After dinner, we walked through the food street and took the long walk back to our hotel HAHA.

and here’s to the godliest drink I enjoyed through the trip: THAI MILK TEA!!! It ranged from 17 baht to 35 baht (70cents to $1.40), and they were really big and really cold and SWEET and GOOD OMG. I really miss the Thai Milk Tea, Koi can’t beat, Gongcha can’t beat, the closest you’ll get to drinking it is at Porn’s. Furthermore, the weather was really hot 99% of the time, and drinking ice cold MILK TEA was the godliest treatment ever. I really like it! I’ll visit Bangkok again just for the milk tea! πŸ™‚

Visited Platinum Mall which unfortunately closes at 8pm, so we only had 1 hour left to shop by then. We didn’t shop much as a result, and ended up taking photos outside Platinum with the large Christmas tree, with the street Christmas decorations with many tourists all around us doing the same LOL.

Thank god for the selfie stick once again. I didn’t have to worry about someone running away with my phone, HAHAHA.

Didn’t have much to do afterwards, so we just walked around for more food. Bought sweet corn, banana chocolate, more chicken, meat sticks, Pad Thai, and so on. Thankful to be there with a bunch of gluttons really, we just ate non-stop without worrying about the lack of cash or, much less our weight. The worst holiday I can be on is probably with people who go “omg this is so oily” “omg this is so high in calories” “omg it’s damn fattening I don’t want to eat it” “Is the soup oily?” (sounds like my sister from her anorexic days). So yeah, thankful to be with gluttons “CAN WE BUY THAT?” “SHALL WE BUY THAT?” “Just buy lah can’t finish just keep in the refrigerator!”

Food that we enjoyed even back in the hotel. THE PAD THAI WAS SO GOOD πŸ™‚ Day 1 marked the start to non-stop eating. Technically, we had 3 big meals, and many small meals HAHAHA.

Back in our hotel after buying 4 similar dresses to wear the following day for like… 120 baht ($5?) It felt so good to live so affordably, I wonder if this is the lifestyle of the rich. Maybe they get bored eventually, because they would find that nothing, or no purchases are a challenge. Okay nah, don’t think I’ll get bored of spending so lavishly in Bangkok LOL.

Didn’t sleep well that night. Maybe it’s because I had sufficient sleep the previous night and on the plane ride, maybe it’s because the lights were too bright, maybe it’s because fengshui was bad, maybe it’s because I couldn’t move much for the fact that I was sharing a bed. But I couldn’t sleep well! I kept waking at odd hours (4am, 6am) to find that it’s not time to wake up yet. How irritating!

Day 2

Since I had a bad night I had a rather bad day too, I was tired but I couldn’t be! It was the CHATUCHAK DAY! I’ve heard stories about Chatuchak being so cheap that you spend like a king, KK told me to “don’t bother bargaining” because it is already, very very cheap. I did heed his advice indeed.

With our new dresses in the hotel lobby, ready to attack HAHAHA.

Our very few pictures at shoe shops that day because there wasn’t much to explain about shopping and shopping. That was the start of our shopping, and subsequently we got too lazy to take anymore photos HAHAHA. We had large hauls, I had very painful hands from carrying all my shopping in small plastic bags, and I was really tired walking around in my thin flats that barely gave any support for my soles. To top it off, I had insufficient sleep, and I was really really tired by 3/4pm when everyone was still alive and kicking and ready to shop for another 3 hours. LOL.

Our first meal that day! We gave ourselves 10am to 6pm to shop there, so we had ample time to both eat and shop. We spent like queens man. I would think that the food is quite satisfactory, but I preferred the Tom Yam soup from yesterday.

and the goodness of all heavens after our meal: SOME ICE COLD THAI MILK TEA for a terribly hot day! Chatuchak was open air and it was really hot (33 degrees?), much hotter than Singapore. Even in such skimpy dresses, I perspired like no tomorrow HAHAHA. The drink was appeasing indeed πŸ™‚

Doesn’t this picture already make the sun look super glaring? A very unglamorous shot, but that was a camwhore to my siblings to show them how much I bought HAHAA. Please don’t stare at undesirable areas, I shaved! πŸ˜€ Anyway, I had to relieve my bowels in Chatuchak, which was pretty unfortunate because the toilet was dirty and there was nowhere to hang my bag. I had to sit on the toilet bowl that was probably stepped on by many people, carrying my bag at the same time. In addition, the wet floor kept getting to me because of my slippers. Disgusting…? indeed. I think I detest public toilets now, in my growing years I used to be able to bear with however dirty the toilets in the market were. Now that I’m older, I think I’m not able to bear with it anymore.

Our second large meal that day: I had Pad Thai which wasn’t as satisfying as the one enjoyed in the hotel the night before. I guess first times are always the best? hehehe. Had more food along the roadside stalls, enjoyed some yogurt that came from a super duper cute cup.

and finally on Day 2, we met up with this woman!!!

She was a true tourist man, wearing the elephant pants, long sleeves and carrying a Sundown Marathon bag. True tourist out to whack at Chatuchak! LOL.

After 8 hours of shopping we got really really tired (especially I) and we headed back to the hotel to lay out our purchases and get excited LOL.

On the ride back and waiting for Jiawen and Szemin to arrive hehehe. Rested for about an hour or so and headed for some good seafood dinner just below our hotel!!! I love the Pratunam neighbourhood man, there’s way too many things to finish walking through all of them!

A high class roadside stall which served really good seafood. I liked their burnt fish (because it’s burnt) and their fried squid. The only thing I didn’t really favour from the meal was the clear tom yam soup because I prefer sweet/sour ones, and that one was clearly too spicy for my liking LOL. We waited for Jiawen to be done with dinner with her parents, and we walked to and fro Platinum Mall aimlessly again. We walked as 5 girls and it’s as if we were on a dangerous mission hahaha.

This shot was taken by a fellow tourist! We went back quite late but it was sure an enjoyable day. Felt so accomplished seeing all the purchases and how much they filled my luggage. LOL. Chatuchak is definitely a must go, even though it seems that the items at Chatuchak are becoming more pricey as Bangkok turns into a more attractive tourist destination.

Day 3

We had wanton noodles that morning! We went to the Pratunam Market to catch the “best wanton noodles in town” but unfortunately we got to the wrong store omg. We couldn’t read Thai at all so we thought there was only one in the neighbourhood. But it doesn’t matter! It was pretty good anyway.

This was when we realised: after paying the bill and leaving the eatery, we walked down the street to buy some milk tea (HAHA a milk tea a day keeps the doctor away), AND WE SAW A CRAZILY long queue for the wanton noodles. Upon closer observation we realised that this was the Sabx2 Wanton Noodles that we were supposed to have. No wonder we started doubting food bloggers again “Huh, people said a second bowl is not enough” “Is it really that good?” and so on. LOL. We felt so cheated HAHAHA but we went to Platinum after that anyway. I whole day really 下不了手 as Yujie likes to call me, because the things at Platinum were much more expensive compared to those at Chatuchak. I had relatively little purchases at both sections of the mall, be it the one mainly selling clothes or the one mainly selling shoes and bags.

but we continued eating anyway! I had a really cheap plate of rice with green curry, and some durian waffles for dessert hehehe. Szemin and Yujie brought crepes so I busied myself with taking their share too, hahaha. Pigs in action πŸ™‚ For people like Jiawen and Edina who didn’t really favour Thai cuisine, they had KFC LOLOL. I guess KFC is more familiar than any other food in the food court that day πŸ˜€ I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love Thai food! I’m a very 重味 person, I guess that’s why.

After walking around Platinum for quite a bit (and realising that things were getting more expensive as we moved on), we went to the Baiyoke Market, where things were slightly cheaper compared to Platinum. Unfortunately most of the stores were closed given that the area was a morning-afternoon market, and we didn’t have the chance to make many purchases before the whole area was emptied and relatively quiet compared to the rest of Pratunam.

Here’s a selfie of us there and then, where Jiawen tore my new and sleek slippers!!! I honestly have no idea how she did it, because many tourists and people had stepped on it the day before and it didn’t tear at all! I was still telling my sister that the pair of slippers was quite durable and I could wear it for a long period of time! The tear was so bad that I had red burn marks along my feet. Talk about strong and big feet, and you’re bound to lose. omg.

Went back to the hotel after that to change into another pair of slippers (LOL thank god for hugeload of purchases the day before), and we decided to visit the Resident’s Lounge since we had spare time (and complimentary tickets to it!)

At the resident’s lounge with some food! It wasn’t very amazing, there was just pastries and loads of junk food. It was closing by the time we went there, so we packed many of the sandwiches into my bag and stole their drinks to put them in our refrigerator. Little thieves, exciting thrills. I snuck hugeloads of Nescafe Coffee packets home as well, on my sister’s request (look at the previous posts HAHAHA). It was mad man, the amount of packets I brought home could easily form one packet for sale LOLOL.

After that, Edina left us to have dinner with her parents whom she separated from most of the trip, so Yujie, Szemin and I went on a mini adventure. It was so scary man, 3 tiny girls who look like they haven’t even turned 16 venturing aimlessly in Bangkok by themselves. We were pretty afraid because there were many males who were bulky and burly, and we hopped at any chance to follow behind tourists (Caucasians who are bigger sized) LOL. We went to the IT Mall where Yujie played with scammers (literally ACTED like a dumb tourist) and walked more around Platinum which was super near our hotel. Finally we found ourselves in a safer place: the 24-hour supermarket!

at the IT Mall which was also closing by the time we were there!

At the supermarket! Pocky was too cheap man: banana chocolate, matcha, strawberry, all cost 50cents or something. I bought many packets of them to bring home to eat LOLOL. I also bought a few cups of cup noodles, also to bring home hehehe. I enjoy visiting the supermarket of a foreign country! “Same same but different”, same products but different prices in the case of Bangkok LOL.

After walking around for so much, we went to the hotel to rest where we met with Edina and Jiawen again, because Cathy was bound to arrive in less than an hour. We lied to her the entire day through WhatsApp that locals had to wear yellow every Monday to honour the King, taking photos of mannequin and store owners who were coincidentally wearing yellow. Man, she really turned up in yellow house shirt because she said she had no other yellow tops at home. I died, I really died HAHAHA.

Cathy’s down on her luck man. After the passport nonsense, she lost 100 baht upon touchdown. Although it’s just SGD4, it still feels quite painful to lose money that you were supposed to have LOL. But Cathy insists that “ε€±εŽ»ζ‰δΌšζ‹₯ζœ‰” or something HAHAHA I FORGOT HER EXACT QUOTE but anyway she was really positive about everything which was really good πŸ™‚

Walking around to buy more street food because a new glutton called Cathy joined us. Bought jelly coconut, sweet corn, chicken, and loads of food once again. Food doesn’t get old among this bunch of girls hehe πŸ™‚

and back at the hotel with our food, as well as our perfect attendance after long last! In the background are all our plastic bags from shopping at Chatuchak the day before, which the hotel staff diligently cleared for us HAHAHA. It was a really great night, we talked about many things. Gossip doesn’t seem to be the main point of conversations nowadays. We really talked about serious stuff like prostitution, about views on eating, spending, and about values that you inculcate just by growing up in your family environment. I enjoyed it, I really did πŸ™‚ I’m so thankful to this group of retarded people who never fail to make me feel normal, and I’m definitely looking forward to the years that I’ll spend growing up with this group of people.

Too lazy to send Jiawen back to her room that day (apparently our hotel’s a really scary place at night LOL) and slept well. I slept well everyday after the first night πŸ™‚

Day 4

A truly touristy day! We visited places that were tourist hotspots, took tourist pictures with grand temples and beautiful scenery, went to Chinatown that locals probably don’t frequent (as a Singaporean I don’t go to Chinatown in Singapore anyway). We squeezed with the crowd, we nearly lost our lives so many times because vehicles could maneuver ANYWHERE in Bangkok as long as the road was wide enough, including footpaths. We had to take extra caution all the time man. According to Cathy, the #1 cause of deaths in Bangkok is traffic accidents. I was afraid man HAHAHA.

That day, we had breakfast at the actual Wanton Noodle store HAHAHA. I wouldn’t say that the Wanton Noodles were THAT amazing (maybe because I had it dry), but the braised pork rice was really nice. Maybe it’s just me, but I loved their eggs.

Even the photos of the food look good! It’s making me hungry! 😦 It was so good that we wanted to head back for a second visit tomorrow. This is what they mean by “You can’t stop at the second bowl” on food reviews by bloggers HAHAHA.

We took a cab to the ferry stop from our hotel, and we got 6 people on one cab. Thankfully we went with 6 people HAHAHA suddenly we felt that that was an optimal number, because one more person wouldn’t be able to fit on the cab. We were squeezing, laughing, looking at scenic places, talking… I guess it’s really better when everyone’s travelling together. It felt so good, it truly felt like a grad trip by then, after Jiawen and Cathy joined us πŸ™‚

Szemin Jiawen and I while waiting for the rest to finish purchasing their food. Our stomachs and mouths are unstoppable HAHAHA.

On the boat ride to Wat Arun Temple on the other side of the Chao Phraya River which was known in our Geography notes to be the “most polluted river in the world”. It didn’t look that bad though, they have probably done a lot of cleanup since the times when Bangkok was known as a heavily populated urban centre.

At the pretty entrance to the temple with all of them! The backdrop was really stunning as you can see hehe, I love visiting temples too. I’m not that much of a religious person, but I love visiting temples for the history that lies behind these places as well as the unique architecture present in different ones.

Unfortunately according to the rules and regulations of the temple I was too skimpily clad so I had to pay to purchase a cloth to cover my legs up. This was how amazing we looked all covered up HAHA / and a selfie after climbing up mountains of steps! The steps were super super steep and I think I nearly got leg cramp on the way down. So many months of inactivity due to the As and suddenly I felt as if I was trekking up a hilly mountain! No joke man.

That was all there. At the temple, we chanced upon a couple holding hands, climbing up the steep stairs with many photographers around them. At that point, we were thinking “Are they celebrities?” “Oh, maybe they are taking their wedding photos.” Both the female and the male were really good looking and tall though, so we decided to take a photo with them. Jiawen approached them and asked “Hello, can we take a picture?” and after that she asked “You two… wedding?” And they denied so frantically HAHAHA. After that, the guy said “ζˆ‘δ»¬ζ˜―ζ‹η”΅ε½±ηš„” and we were like OMG THAI CHINESE!!! LOL. After we took individual photos and group photos with them, the locals started scrambling to them for photos as well. I guess they are celebrities that no one recognises? LOL. Most of us were regretting not asking them for their Instagram names man, we don’t even know how to begin stalking them HAHAHA. Until now, we don’t even know who are they.

Solo and group shot. Here’s me looking like a fat dwarf beside them. The guy isn’t all that photogenic but he looks so good in real life!!! He was everyone’s type man, Cathy, Jiawen, Yujie and I all thought he was really handsome. Maybe it’s because we had a lack of men to check out the whole time we were there HAHAHA, but no lah he looks really good. πŸ™‚

After that, we met up with Edina and Szemin and we headed to Chinatown via Tuktuk! During then, I witnessed a foreigner arguing with a tuk-tuk driver, giving him 70 baht and saying “This is a lot already” and simply walking away from the helpless driver. They probably withdrew from the agreed sum. It’s not as if the driver could chase the foreigners as well. At that point in time I felt really bad for the driver. An extra 50 baht (SGD 2) was almost nothing to tourists like us, but it probably means a lot to the drivers who were desperately trying to make a living. I was quite upset with the tourists because this will probably fuel xenophobia concerns in their country as well, they were so rude and careless with the way they treat people. Even if people in a LDC do not enjoy the same affluence as you, I don’t think they deserve to be put down like that. Ah well, it’s really unfortunate. Everyday in an overseas country reminds myself that I’m a very fortunate soul. I have everything I want, and I have such opportunities to travel abroad for experiential learning. I don’t think everyone in the world enjoys such privilege, much less every girl. I am truly a very blessed person πŸ™‚

At Chinatown getting my daily fix of Thai Milk Tea HAHAHA. Oddly I’m the fastest drinker among them. I think I really love milk tea, I have yet to get sick of it despite drinking Koi so frequently. I really want to have some Thai Milk Tea again 😦 the taste that they can come up with isn’t easily replicated anywhere else.

The only place in Chinatown which didn’t have such a large crowd: the bridge. We were squeezing through crowds for about 2-3 hours, making silly purchases and making bargains (that caused Cathy to slap herself HAHAHA). We sent a similar picture (Jiawen Edina and I) to Mr Ng, and told him that we were experiencing urban problems (traffic problems, pollution etc) in Bangkok. How nice it is to finally see what we have been learning for the past 2 years. Geography comes alive all the time πŸ™‚

We couldn’t find the store selling bird nest that Jiawen wanted very much, and so we decided to leave it at that and just head to Family Mookata along New Petchaburi Road for our Mookata!

I have really fat arms in this photo. Okay, not that I’m unaware of it but HAHAHA how unflattering! I think this picture can be used as a model for plus-sized clothing! LOL.

I was honestly very excited for this BBQ buffet because we read online that if you haven’t had Mookata, you haven’t visited Thailand. Also, the prospects of enjoying a buffet with a bunch of pigs was really exciting hehehe! There were many different types of meat (of which we couldn’t read in Thai HAHAHA) but we took all of them anyway. We ate our fill, we talked, we laughed, we had fun, we cooked, roasted, talked about our primary school days and crushes, as well as how stupid we used to be (or still are). It was a night of joy and laughter hehehe. Things got rather sour when the bill was tabulated however, because we were charged for food wastage (THEY WERE THE EMPTY SHELLS OF CLAMS!!!!!) and tissue paper. But oh well, I guess everyone’s out to make a living, including us. Since we’re overseas, I’m absolutely fine with spending that little bit more. I think it’s worth it, to have a more enjoyable experience. πŸ™‚

After Mookata, we desperately hailed a cab along the road with a driver that was really nice. We headed to Siam Paragon to catch a movie and did shit in the Gourmet Market, face-jacking each other’s Instagram, buying expensive food. Siam Paragon was damn atas and everything looked expensive compared to what we had been enjoying the past few days: cakes were $6 just like those in Singapore, ice-cream was $3+ like those in Singapore, and the prices of froyo were almost equivalent to that of Sogurt or llao llao in Singapore. We were craving for some dessert from the Mookata though, so we each bought our own dessert respectively.

We caught Mockingjay Part I which was at a timeslot of 11.10pm! That means that it’ll be nearly 1am or 1.30am by the time we get back to our hotels. Something cool about watching movies in Bangkok (or any part of Thailand for that matter) is that there’s a short clip to honour the King before the start of the movie, and movie-goers were all expected to rise and sing the national anthem before the start of the film. The clip showed the King in his growing years, and all the honourable deeds ha has done throughout his life. That was a mark of great respect man, I would think the locals really love their king.

Went back promptly to the hotel after that, we didn’t even dare to bargain much with the cab drivers who were desperate for our business because it was late and we might get abducted or something if we were too obnoxious HAHAHA. Slept well, can’t believe that was our last night in Bangkok 😦

Day 5

Early in the morning we woke up and wanted to have some wanton noodles from the day before, but unfortunately it wasn’t open that early that day! It opened only at noon. Hence, we visited a roadside stall along the market to have our fix of food anyway.

I love their braised pork rice!!! I think I love the eggs the most actually. It looks different from the eggs we have in Singapore. I just love eggs HAHAHA you can get so much food with just eggs alone!

After that, Yujie and I walked around the Pratunam Market which we didn’t manage to catch because the stores were closing by the time we reached there on Day 3. We bought many more clothes with the remaining bits of our money in an attempt to finish spending all our Thai bahts. Eventually I managed to get rid of them all by changing money with Szemin’s parents who had just arrived (and were ready for another week of spending LOL).

Checked out at 3pm and left for the airport. I can’t believe our trip ended that quickly. It’s like we didn’t even do much apart from shopping and eating! πŸ˜€

Onboard the plane home 😦 this time without Szemin, who was gonna stay another 7 days in Bangkok with her family HAHAH.

And the really pretty sunset I managed to catch on the plane.

That concluded the trip 😦 I was really sad to return home because that was the end of the 2 overseas trip that I had taken part in planning so much, which we painfully went through so many troubles and problems for. We had arguments on the places we’d prefer to visit and eat, we had arguments on places of accommodation because of differing views from differing parents, but I’m glad it evolved to become such a great trip. I’m proud to speak of these experiences as an 18 year old girl in an overseas country, I believe these were opportunities my siblings never got to have when they were at my age. Thankful for how much travelling is becoming so common these days, as well as how it has evolved to become a “low-risk hobby”.

The comparison of before and after for my luggage!!! HAHAHA sorry for the obscenity those bras are new!!! LOL πŸ˜€ It gained 7kg and I was so proud of its weight gain! Honestly, when I lay out all my clothes at home, it doesn’t seem as if I bought a lot. However, I had to stop buying in Bangkok (namely Chatuchak) because the load was getting too heavy for me to carry on my hands, and I was too tired to continue walking. The next time I go on a shopping trip, I’ll bring a larger backpack! Shouldn’t have brought a slingbag to the advice of my mother, you could barely squeeze any shopping inside LOL.

I’m thankful to my parents for letting me go on this trip and allowing me to completely live off my own expenses because it makes me feel more accomplished that this trip was completely funded by myself. I’m an independent and free soul! I’m thankful to all the girls on this trip for being so accommodating, and like what Szemin said, neither “weight-conscious” or “cash-conscious”. I ate so much on this trip without feeling that much of guilt, I shopped so much on this trip but I still feel like I haven’t had enough, and I’d willingly go on many many more overseas trips with this same group of people, this same group of girls. Thank you all of you, for such a memorable grad trip. I can’t wait to see you in 2 hours time, HAHAHA.


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