I went clubbing

At the entrance… queuing because all of us are single for Christmas.

Was it two days ago? Or yesterday morning? I can’t really decide. Through the whole day I was really pleased to have random strangers in the club wishing me happy birthday: the bouncer who checked my IC (omg I’m really legal?), random men who picked up my sister or my cousin, or random groups of guys. I’ve always taken personality tests or psychological tests about whether I’ve ever “felt alone in a crowded room” and if I’d rather “be in the limelight” at the party or “sitting by the corner” and I’ve finally gotten what those questions were asking about. Until now, I don’t really know the answers myself, apart from coming to a conclusion that clubbing isn’t really my sport.

1. I can’t drink.
I’m not sure. Should I be proud of this, or be embarrassed about it? I had 2 free drink coupons and I gave them to my sister who was too sober even after 2 shots. Goodness gracious, I took a sip of whatever she was drinking and I felt like my throat was gonna split apart. In addition to that, it was so bitter and it tasted so much like my cough syrup. I thought growing older would change things a bit, but… no, I think it’ll be a long time before I can down any alcoholic drink. My sister got offered drinks, wanted to ask for a fruit punch but that was too embarrassing… And when you’re sober, you’re too conscious about your surroundings. “Dancing” really feels like PT, it felt like I was bouncing on the damn exercise ball. I had muscle aches on my thighs the next day #fml.

2. I don’t like physical contact.
When you head out into the dance floor, you’re obviously gonna get a lot of stray hands around your shoulders, or around your waist. It was a little repulsive for me, I kinda shook off any stray hand that got on my waist. I didn’t even like stray hands around my shoulders because I didn’t know any of them… what if they were psychopaths? So I just kept my sister’s arm on my shoulder the whole time LOL which hindered her from getting picked up as well. Sorry not sorry ๐Ÿ˜€

3. I don’t look like a clubber.
Sorry HAHAHA but this is a safe generalisation: clubber girls are usually VERY well dressed up. They have really thick makeup (heavy eyeliner, bright/dark red lips), long wavy hair that they can throw around, and usually have skinny and long white legs. I was decked in a dull gray dress with completely no make-up and wore flats despite the fact that I probably can’t find anyone in the club. I looked like I changed out of home clothes after a nap and headed to the club immediately. I don’t think anyone would take me seriously, other than desperate guys who didn’t manage to hook anyone else in the club LOL.

4. I’m too judgmental.
People get into the mood so well that I think it’s funny. There are guys standing alone, closing their eyes and bouncing to the music… doing weird hand actions (?) to “absorb” themself into the music. This scene is really funny if you’re sober. A particular guy came up to me and asked me to dance, which I rejected really politely mainly because he really looked like my family doctor. I wanted to laugh so badly. Then there are people making out right beside me. Thank god people close their eyes when they kiss, definitely enjoyed the free shows all around me. Highlight of the night? Perhaps.

5. I don’t listen to English songs.
I think the only song I figured yesterday was Titanium. So many people were singing along (or screaming along), and I’m not exaggerating when I say I didn’t know 95% of the songs played that night. Someone was screaming into my ear “I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!” and I just smiled at him because… what on earth is this song?! Can you play ๆˆ‘็ˆฑไป– instead, I think I’ll gladly bounce along to that. My cousin told me that Zouk, Velvet and Phuture play different genre of songs. Of which all I can’t appreciate, I’m sorry. Are there clubs in Singapore that play Chinese songs? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

6. I think my ears are important.
I think I was deaf for the next 12 hours from the loud music blasting into my ear, and the screaming into one another’s ears. Even with the screaming, you still can’t hear. I got lazy, I decided to type on my phone instead. “No I didn’t come alone” “My sister got picked up” “My sister is flirting with someone else” “I just turned 18 today”. Thank god for a fully-charged phone.

It was an enjoyable night, other than the fact that I was burning at 12am because the queue to the club was freaking long and I was beginning to perspire. Other than the fact that there were only 3 of us, and when both of them got picked up, I ended up alone!!! Avoiding stray hands in the club ALONE!!! How scary is that?! I am far from becoming a seasoned clubber and probably never will, but the club is an enjoyable place to be I guess. I will go back again, but only during special occasions I guess? It feels like a learning journey. And the free shows are definitely pretty entertaining. ๐Ÿ™‚ But firstly, I need to learn how to drink.

Camwhoring at the dance floor because using my phone is the only thing I’m good at.

and eating MacDonalds because I was hungry at 6am from all that bouncing. Well done.

Holy shit I’m really 18. I’m even blogging about this! When I was 14, my siblings were already going and discussing about girls and guys in the club. I am officially old enough to partake in those discussions woohoo!


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