Cool things I’ve been up to lately

1. Pangkor, Malaysia

I think I won’t write much for this because to be honest, what highlighted the whole trip was the company. Oh and the cost of course, in other words the trip was… really cheap. Even though we ate and played like royalty.

It wasn’t very eventful. We didn’t do many activities at all. But frankly, I really enjoyed the whole trip. I enjoyed the fact that I forced myself away from civilisation. I enjoyed the fact that we were stuck on an island where people knew other villagers by names (or nicknames), one mention of “动力火车” and everyone on the village knows who you are talking about. I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t end up at a hot and popular tourist resort, and instead we stayed at Huimin’s grandparents’ house. For my past trips, locals have been really mean to tourists like me, and maybe it’s because Malaysia is pretty close to heart… locals were really nice. We casually picked up the Malaysian accent when speaking Chinese. We laughed at new rumours and how unlucky one can get… on a date. 9 of us squeezed in one room even though there was so much space in the entire house, and fell sick together too… (sorry I started the fever bug on Day 1 HAHA)

I wouldn’t say the water activities were the most enjoyable, I wouldn’t say that the countdown to 2015 was the most memorable, I wouldn’t say that climbing to the stone on our very first day was the most remarkable thing we did. I think it was a collection of everything, complete with the people. I’m glad for the 6 years we have spent together, because I guess we’re so close that we (the girls) air our beautiful coloured bras in full view of the guys. And that we openly tell people to adjust their pants…

At the Pangkor equivalent of Fort Canning Park HAHA

Before our water activities with Three Brothers HAHAHA who’re probably… filthy rich.

Brilliant sunset… not. There was a big fat cloud below where it appears to be sunny and yellow, and so we couldn’t see it setting in full 😦 so unfortunate! We really 够 suay.

What we ate for 2 nights in a row: seafood. Seafood that costs about $6 per head even when crab, prawns, squid… is ordered. We truly ate like kings man, love the depreciating ringgit HAHA.

And at the beach where we counted down to 2015… but unfortunately with little fireworks because most of Malaysia was flooding and the countdown events were cancelled. LOL. SUAY AGAIN.

It was a great 5 days, apart from the fact that I had a fever on the first day, a terrible sore throat with an even more horrible EAR ACHE (OMG IT WAS SO BAD and painful I died with every swallow) on the second day, started coughing on the third day, a bit of runny nose on the fourth day, AND STARTED RECOVERING ON THE LAST DAY. My body totally chose the right time to break down! I was still bragging to myself (in my own thoughts) that I haven’t fallen sick for a long time HAHA. But at least it didn’t break down during A Levels, and I think I should be really thankful for that lah.

2. Flea at Lucky Plaza

The booth costed $150 which meant it was really difficult to earn money given that clothing was selling for like $4 per piece, or $1 per piece at our lowest. Thankfully we managed to make around $200+ by trying to get rid of ALL our clothes, and I guess it was really quite heartwrenching that some of our clothes which were rather expensive were going for those prices!!! My mother’s altered clothing too… super ouch. I guess, at least these nice clothes have found a new owner (mainly maids) and not burnt to ashes or something right?!

and I managed a shot with my husband HAHAHA. Raymond Lam is my type in every aspect 😦 Karena Ng is so lucky… how many times am I going to say this?! Omg. She probably grew up in her childhood/teenhood watching his TVB dramas without knowing that she was going to date him in the future… SO LUCKY DAMN IT. I’m just 3 years younger! 😦

3. Dinner with Kaixin, Huimin, Xuanjim, Vanessa

Gone were the days when we gossiped… WE TALK REAL STORIES NOW. Because we are 19, no longer 13 when we spent whole afternoons at Long John Silver just talking about rumours and men and women. Hope we will meet up more frequently in the future!!! These group of people getting prettier and prettier man…

afterall, we used to look like this.

HEHEHEHE. Omg, those SKM days at Takashimaya were so memorable, and guess what I’m wearing that light pink shirt AT THIS VERY MOMENT HAHAHA.

4. Dinner with Weixuan, Jia Wen and Edina

I wore quite formal clothing because of an interview earlier that day, and I’m glad I (sort of?) passed the interview!!! Honestly I felt quite okay after the interview despite some answers that were rather ridiculous, as opposed to my really terrible Cambridge interview. Oh, and I got rejected oops 😦 Guess it was worth the experience though!

Walked around supermarket aimlessly and sort of caught up, still sabotaged each other by shouting each others’ names in most ridiculous settings… like what we used to do in tutorials and lectures. Attention-seeking perhaps, can’t deny it myself. These people are probably the reason why I miss school, and more specifically, lessons 🙂

5. TVB Concert

We got the cheapest tickets, at $38 HAHAHA. Mother paid for my entire family, and for the whole journey we were complaining that there was a big and heavy rain because my mother was so stingy “WAHLAO 买最便宜的票?!” Of course we were kidding, Raymond Lam wasn’t even coming, why would I pay more than the cheapest ticket HAHA. Anyway, the seats were reallocated because the seating gallery was too empty, and we moved to a better seat LOL which was probably $68 or $88 or something. We were originally supposed to sit by the sides whereby we would see NOTHING HAHAHA. So we moved and got a good view for the cheapest price HAHAHA.

Sister refused to join photos because of her lack of makeup… and her wearing of trash HAHAHA.

Moved to the front towards the end of the show to get a better glimpse of the stars, and man Linda was really hot. Kenneth Ma was really handsome too, and Roger Kwok didn’t even look 41 much less 51. My Dad got a shock when he found out that Roger Kwok was near his age- LOL.

Okay just a casual update, with photos so that I’ll remember who and where and when I went out and caught up with people. I remain thankful for everyone in my life, and today I’m glad that RV’s nunnery programme of 6 years allows such close-knitted friendships to be formed 🙂


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