12 days

It’s 12 days to enlistment. Yes, I’m really enlisting!

When you do things on your own accord and when you make your own decisions, it really isn’t all that bad. I am frankly quite excited to travel to Tekong (I’ll take this back in about 3 weeks time!)- not many girls can boast of this opportunity and I’m glad that I can butt into army conversations one day, talking about shit that happened or shit that we did. So far I haven’t regretted this decision, and honestly I think I will never. The way the senior commanders’ eyes light up when they talk about the highlights in their military career, when they talk about how much they have achieved in their 20-30 odd years in service. One of them mentioned that we were old enough to distinguish between sales talks and thoughts that come from within the heart, and I think that can’t be more accurate.

I don’t think it’s wrong to look forward to booking out- but I can imagine myself looking through pictures and missing home. I hope I’ll be too tired to do so.

And I hope I get enough sleep of course.

MSAP Navy + Commissioning Parade

Don’t really have much to say, apart from the fact that it was damn fun. Omg, there are some programmes that will randomly make me regret signing up for, but into Wednesday/Thursday I was hoping that the day will never end. The people were such a fun bunch, and I’m really looking forward to our next outing / taking a picture together during POP HAHAHA

Being on board a warship is the coolest thing ever, or maybe it’s because I have never really been on board a big ship (not even a cruise!) My parents left me at home when I was young 😦

Our last day together, and we went bowling! I honestly think I did pretty okay given that I haven’t bowled in a long time… even though I’m still far from hitting a 3 digit HAHAHA.

Repeat photo: but congratulations πŸ™‚ Hope you stop falling sick now that you’re finally commissioned!

JB/Steamboat with Delta ’12

Spent the entire day at City Square, how did we even do that? I tried to get rid of my excess RM from the Pangkor trip and man I still have excess of it even after buying BREAD EGGTARTS KUEHBULU home of which I probably ate only about 10% of them.

Look who’s not even trying to edit photos/find the better pictures in my phone because Weihan captures the best photos, so here are the credits for him! This is something weird to be concerned about but I haven’t shat out the food from yesterday 😦

I think it feels like family among us because all these people speak Chinese regularly in conversations, and I always feel that Chinese as a medium of communication makes me feel closer to the person. I observed yesterday that NONE of us had English names which was really interesting. LOL. Oh, even though my Chinese sucks of course. Weihan likes to remind me about that, and unfortunately that’s something I can never deny.

Family time today

It’s really the official last time in school uniform.

Look at the large crowd behind me!!! LOL. Mom insisted on coming even when I told her there wasn’t a need to, and she told other neighbours that I WANTED HER TO COME TO HELP ME TAKE PHOTOS. ??????? LOGIC???? LOL, EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL OF NONSENSE. But I’m not angry, just amused by her πŸ™‚

Me and my favourite MP (cause he has been the only MP I know since young, and it has been the same MP giving me Edusave awards since 2007 HAHAHA). I got the Good Progress Award which awards $250 which is good enough of course, it feels as if money is falling from the sky HAHAHA. Man, I must have done really badly last year.

and I ate with my siblings tonight…… in my new BLACK REFLECTIVE SPECTACLES. Dear god, I’ve been buying my spectacles from this optometrist all my life and my spectacles were NEVER so reflective, this pair of glasses are so friggin SHINY that I swear I can’t play mahjong in it, other players are definitely gonna see my tiles man. Furthermore it’s a new pair 😦

It’s so glaring even in a normal-looking photo 😦 Hope I won’t get arrowed for it in BMT omg 😦

I’m tired and lazy to be reflective (so punny over here), and I think being more active on Tumblr is a bad sign because it shows that I’ve been spending too much time with myself thinking about nonsense. And… I think 风中ε₯‡ηΌ˜ will be my last drama in a long long time 😦


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