12 hours

I’m feeling slightly moody right now.

I mean, in 12 hours (not 12 days anymore) I’ll be at the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange…. waiting to book in along with fellow enlistees. I thought “shit got real” when I received my 11B, but I think shit is truly getting real now.

In my last few weeks I’ve been trying to catch up with everyone who has been significant in my life. This sounds freaking corny but it’s different when I know myself that it’s the “last few days”. I’m not going to war of course, but I feel that meeting up with people is going to get really difficult from here. For someone who has been so used to freedom (spent the last 2 months waking up at 11am and watching dramas before taking another nap), I’ll only be able to meet people on my book out days. And even then, I know afternoon naps will definitely be more tempting than sleepily catching up with people.

To those who have bothered meeting me despite your busy work or school schedules: thank you so much. I think it’s difficult (and irritating of course) to make time for someone who has obviously no idea how irritating work can be, and how tired you can be especially when you have to be up early the next morning.

To those who have asked me countless times when I am enlisting and my rationale for doing so, or simply dropping me a greeting to wish me the best of luck, thank you too. I think this stretches beyond curiosity, because it’s definitely easier to ignore and watch. It means that I’ve been in your thoughts, and I think that’s good enough. I know it’s not a popular choice, and definitely tough to justify, but I think I’m willing to try, because I don’t want to regret.

Thank you to those who bothered, or will probably bother. I have everyone’s support, and I think that will allow me to get through the darkest hours.

1. Eating with queen ibag

Freaking free flow eggs and I only ate two. 😦 Terrible picture quality. Freaking queen ibag gave me a bag of Sophie. Not sure whether a blessing or curse, but the Sophie is currently useful ;(

2. Sentosa with MSAP mates

Guess our favourite line that day was “See you at POP”, and OH I THINK I FINALLY LEARNT HOW TO PLAY BRIDGE? LOL.

3. Malaysia with the family

Not sure when is the next time I can stay out so late on a Sunday night ever again, because my thoughts on a Sunday will probably be filled with “omg need to book in tomorrow”. This is the only non-blur picture by the way, I’m not being mean to my mother and sister LOL.

4. Eating with people with whom I had my meals when I was in 5S.

Welcome back from Taiwan Han En, and I hope we will have opportunities to meet again after this πŸ™‚

5. Meeting with Delta ’12

It was frankly quite an informative session, and I’m glad we can easily let out our innermost feelings haha. After all that has happened, I think I still love talking to girls the most.

and, I meet up so much with the Malaysian silly gang that we don’t even take photos anymore LOL. Thank you, because I know you guys (and the noisy WhatsApp chat) will be my entertainment throughout BMT.

6. 4G bitches

Even though it’s just 4 of us, I will never be the weirdest or noisiest in this group of people πŸ™‚ Thank you for the support, and for probably sending me off tomorrow too. It’s a blessing to have you guys around!

7. #TGIW for the first and last time

Yes, I went clubbing again! I guess I’m pretty wild. I didn’t really like such a small crowd though, and I was quite tired and bored throughout the whole night. Sucks that I didn’t drink more and enjoy myself better, it kind of strikes me that I will never attend another Ladies’ Night again. I loved the live shows that I got to watch though. πŸ™‚

8. Being a domestic goddess today

I think I’m ready for BMT. Bring it on, Tekong!


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