I miss school


I remember this:

On our first day as a Year 5 student, Jiawei casually texted me (on my BlackBerry) whether we wanted to have lunch because school ended earlier than expected. We met at the bus interchange, casually bumping into Jiawen and Jieling who were about to finish up their holiday assignment for Math together (Inequalities which I didn’t do, of course).

We ended up eating at Long John Silver eating lunch… And suddenly someone asked whether we wanted to catch a movie. After checking GV websites and everything we decided to watch Wreck-it-Ralph. I remember Venelope and Fix-it-Felix and how I dozed off in the movie, waking up to bother Jiawen and asking her every single detail about the movie.


The ticket stub as memory. And I remember how someone tweeted, “if JC is like this, I don’t mind going to school everyday.”

These are little things about school I miss the most. I’ll always remember this day.


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