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MIDS Underway

I must say this day has been long-awaited. Air Wing had their social night late June, Army had it early July (I mean, the end of their Service Term!) Guess what Service Term hasn’t even ended yet. HAHA. But I am not complaining- I’m spending the last few months before heading off to studies very very productively. On hindsight I’d pick this busy slave life over whiling my time away for 3 months at an office anytime.

I thank these Tigers in advance for helping me get through the 2 weeks of MSTD. May I laugh heartily everyday, and also laugh at my current predicament (first MOW first 180s first CO lunch okay no one understands LOL).

11/13 initial FNOs, missing Yi Ling who doesn’t want to wear a dress and Gayle who’s already enjoying her studies abroad!!! 🙂 Shipboard life is so so so quiet now and MIDS wing just seems so much emptier without them. After the 3 of us go I can expect the wing to be so much more quiet….. sigh. The feeling of being the only female in the division, falling in as the only female, never having a female to head back to the cabin with you, never having a female to accompany you to the heads, no female to scissors paper stone to see who loses and has to head up to the cabin to grab something.

No matter how female-friendly policies get, I guess the best female-friendly policy is to have more females. They are such important pillars of emotional support. I remember opening the cabin door to see Joyce not showered, probably smelly, waiting patiently to ask me what happened after the Astronavigation examination. I was tearing that day lying alone on my bed, realising how empty wingline has become, (cheesily) along with my heart.

You don’t realise how important girls are to you. Males don’t suffice at all. 😦

The annoying shore leave sluts, sorry MIDS wing, it’s all our fault.

The most screwed up picture of the entire night- not screwed screwed up but more of messed up HAHA. But happy for things that can happen today 🙂

Thought this was an interesting picture- thanks for coming to my Underway even though you ought to because I went to yours. One year on- I guess a lot has changed, but nothing has changed since 4 years ago. I’m really thankful and you know it.

I’m sailing tomorrow. I feel so sad to say this: it’s my last few nights in Singapore. 5 nights left in Singapore. Last few nights sitting in front of my HP computer (not a laptop), typing away at a blog post, listening to Chinese in the background because my brother’s catching up on his Hong Kong dramas from 8pm/9pm while my background Chinese music tries to compete with all the Chinese dubs.

I walk through Orchard, I walk through Clementi, I walk through the Jurong Point to reach the same outcome again and again. I know I’ll miss Singapore so so so much and how accessible everything and everyone I love are. How they’re literally a text/call away, how I can easily “dinner tonight?” “meet up tomorrow?” to someone I want to catch up with. These won’t come easy once I go abroad.

The day I said bye to Gayle.

And soon enough, I’ll be saying bye to this home of mine, that has brought me so much comfort in the past 18.5 years. It really scares me to even think about it.

My flight buddy/UCL Geog buddy/RV Red House buddy. Never thought we’ll relive this shot (soon) when I took the selfie in 2013 🙂 Life is truly full of surprises.


On track to a new beginning

When I was 13, I got thrown into NCC.
When I was 14, I got my first leadership appointment in NCC.
When I was 16, I decided to go for Cadet Officer Course after a lot of deliberation (I was almost not going- I spoke to people and decided that no: HQ wasn’t what I loved most about NCC. RVNCC was it. I ended up going anyway.)
When I was 17, I went to career fairs with the influence of Szemin who wanted to sign on, half-believing that any thoughts I had about joining the force would not materialise in the end.
When I was 18, after thinking about it for 3 months, I decided to sign on.

I’d like to think of everything as a cause-and-effect thing: if I never joined NCC, joining the military would never have crossed my mind. And if I never joined the military, I’d never have thought about studying overseas. It’s crazy how one thing leads to another without us even knowing sometimes, and I really look forward to more surprises in my life in the near future.

It’s getting nearer to my departure date, and the activities that are happening in between are slowly decreasing. I vaguely recall our 1-hour admin time during BMT, when I hear Yvette going “Pierng Pierngggggggg”, or how my section started pinching me or whacking my ass because I was absent for a day for compassionate leave. When I saw Marina Bay and started sobbing to myself secretly because I couldn’t believe I accomplished 24km. Or when I dashed home to take a nap before packing for my Korea trip that very night. 6 months sounds short but on hindsight I’ve done so many, so much that I’ll never imagine myself to have been able to accomplish. I’ve tried to meet up with so many with the rare weekends I get, on the rare weekends I don’t get confinements or WPs, and I’ve come to realise that there’s so much so much so much to be missing when I leave. I’m going to miss my family. My friends. And of course, my maid. Everyone neglects this: not for the fact that I don’t have someone to help me do household chores anymore, but how she has been around in my life for 4 years (since 2011) and she will probably no longer be around after I return from studies.

To the Tigers and the FNOs, thank you so much. For dealing with me (and apparently my impenetrable skin), for the free food everytime I book in, for helping me type so much shit in divisional parade states and getting into trouble countless times because of my countless shore leave applications. For helping me when I was MXO, keeping in quiet in file just to appease me, helping me do Colours and settle the colours team every week, helping me with nominal rolls and the cumbersome administrative matters that I couldn’t cope with myself at a point in time. The journey in MIDS hasn’t been the most pleasant but has been made better by all of you, for allowing me to laugh at ridiculous things, and how everything becomes funny after the phase of annoyance is over. And of course, to my divisional officer who has been nothing less than a source of inspiration. I thank all of you for helping me along the way these three months.

To the section who’s still falling in late: I still love all of you. 🙂 Thank you for being my first source of energy in the morning right after a painful confinement over the long weekend, which was very much needed.

To the girls I used to see at recruitment seminars, meet up sessions at MRT stations before heading off to different bases from different services, preparatory talks for BMT and of course at agreement signing sessions. We have come a long way and I’m glad we are in the best places we should be. Thank you to the “last-men-standing”, you guys would be my pillars of support in the coming months, or years. 🙂

At RAG with the girl who managed to get me a ticket, thanks Gong. Thanks for inviting me honestly if not I’d have been alone, we are a pair of two lost sheeps from Clementi that have no friends after everyone has left for NUS NTU SMU. I look forward to more adventures abroad. 🙂

To the MIDS wing homies which I enjoy deep conversations with on several nights. I willingly give up my study time to talk to you two, and I’m sure it’s reciprocated too. I love how you guys present a sense of hope and determination to make sure that terrible things do not repeat. I really appreciate it and these have edged me on through MIDS as well.

To the government: thanks for dealing with how cranky I was throughout my appointment as the MXO with my lack of sleep and how annoying people could get. Thanks thanks thanks, for helping me do things and deal with unreasonable people (um) when you had to. Thank you for dealing with my lack of patience with certain people and helping me avoid them along the way. It was a tough 13 weeks and frankly I was running out of fuel in the last few weeks, but I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to go on this leadership journey before my departure and I’ve definitely benefitted a lot from it.

To a random group of people I have no idea how our social circles intersected. I thinkk they should stop intersecting too it’s getting a bit too creepy HAHA. I’ve known all of you for quite a bit. I think I’ll miss how we gather after I go. 😦

Sleepover with some of us (which was so last-minute and very much appreciated actually). Reminiscing BMT memories where I took photos just slightly more than 6 months ago. Where I drank bubble tea and bought Old Chang Kee at the interchange because I usually arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the fall in timing. So much has changed since then especially with regard to the people, so many have left by choice, so many have left due to medical conditions, and I guess it’s sad that we will knowingly, never be complete anymore.

and lastly, my 4G girls. It’s always a blessing to be with all of you: noisy and crazy, squeezing through Marina Bay Sands at night in our attempt to look for each other post-NDP parade (how to?!); Playing L4D2 in Manhattan Fish Market and making the most inappropriate remarks; Shouting in the KTV room from 12am to 3am singing songs we had no clue the meaning to, “MY ANACONDA DON’T”; and lastly walking through Clarke Quay desperately trying to hail a cab. I have one regret: that I didn’t wake up early enough the next morning to go to UTown for lunch with you guys 😦 because I know I’ll be leaving all of you soon. May you girls have an enjoyable university life ahead, and may every day depict what you guys have enjoyed through the orientation weeks and camps. Fun, freedom and joy. I hope all of you find boyfriends too, we are all so eligible man how can all of us be single.

I’ve finally read the comments to my previous post and thanks everyone for the encouragements that came in at a very low point of my Basic Naval Term journey. I’m feeling much better from then (probably because I smell civilian life much more), so thank you all very much. I have truly grown a lot.

I’m typing this as if I’m speaking of my departure, but the truth is I probably don’t have much free time to type this anymore. Thank you everyone, and I hope the MIDS wing total strength won’t drop below 3 digits. To everyone left and still fighting on, all the best. I appreciate the time we have spent together, and I’m glad for all of you. 🙂 For everyone who has appeared here, thanks for spending my last few weekends with me, before I sail and fly. I hope we’ll still meet up in the coming years.