St Albans

My 16-25 rail card arrived on Friday. (Kick: 1/3 off the price for rail trips) So I booked a ticket to St Albans the next day. Wow I sound so adventurous but the truth is that it’s only 30 minutes away from London by train. I sound like a loser now.

I got lured into Poundworld and the 99p shop where I spent half my time in St Albans, but also took a while to walk through the city centre (and all its street shopping), walk through the St Albans Cathedral (which was really pretty, it’s been very well-maintained all these years), and walk around the St Albans Clocktower, incidentally chancing upon a public performance.

Street view:

(look at that flower basket in her hands, so adorable haha)

Their street shopping (with what I was attracted to). I had to buy a book anyway because it was so cheap, so I ended up going home with one book. Held myself back from eating all that food though although they smelt really good 😦

A shot of the clocktower from across the road (and the free performance by Magician’s Nephew), which were a few young boys aged not older than 12 singing with so much confidence and playing the guitar to the beats of familiar music (I say this because I have no clue what songs they were playing- but I’ve probably heard them somewhere). Hell talented.


The cathedral. There were many tourists, but all of them were really considerate, taking pictures and leaving quickly so that others could get clear shots with no heads in the way. I also stopped an elderly couple holding hands (LOL) to capture a shot of me with the cathedral in the background, and they were really warm about it, taking photos in all sorts of angles to capture the best one. Dogs were running all around, (with shitloads of dog poo on the grass) and I thought that was a really relaxing scene to see.

I left in the early evening after walking rounds and rounds around the small, quaint little town (with most of my time in the city centre of course), but I really appreciated the short respite from the busy London city life. The place offered a sense of tranquility that I haven’t felt for a very long time (last: Busan) and reminded me once again how lucky I was then and to be there. I nearly forgot this exhilarating feeling of travelling alone- glad for that once again.

University life has been good. Whenever people ask me how’s life over here, I reply them with “Great. Loving what I learn.” or something along the lines of that. No matter how unpopular Geography is as a course, it never ceases to make me amazed at how they draw links to phenomena in society that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise (here’s a tinge of sociology). To both physical and human geography.

In fact over here, I’m starting to appreciate physical geography so much more. My choice to take on BA was probably due to my (imperfect information) about BSc because of the narrow scope of learning in Singapore, and I might possibly swap to the latter because I actually appreciate it more now.

So goodbye, as I catch a new drama! Happy to have done readings and caught up with class finally, it always feels good to have an edge 🙂


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